Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer!

I'm sitting on my deck after a long - loooooong - day, enjoying the heck out of WiFi.  The dogs are gnawing on non-rawhide chews, chickens are luxuriating in a final dust bath, there's an adult libation next to me.  This buccolic revelry will not last, however, because there are flying insects and Scrappy is already complaining.

It's a jungle out there!  Two loads of
laundry on the line.

High class livin'!

The pussy willow threatens to take
over the deck.
Along with my vinho verde, I am enjoying a snack of salted peanuts and jelly beans.  Hey - don't knock it unless you've tried it!  Dinner is a mystery, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve salad.  I've taken care of the parental duties, run a few errands, and worked like a slave in the garden.  There were 10 eggs in the nesting boxes - not bad, considering the geratric average age of the hens here at LLF.  Speaking of which, I also visited little Lonesome George/tte - the only chick to hatch out of Roquefort's last contribution.  I have a feeling the fellow was a little light in the fertilization department.  My DS Melanie, who incubated the eggs, had mercy on us and chipped in one of her own chicks so LG won't have to grow up as an orphan.  Pictures will follow tomorrow.

I harvested my first real quantity of strawberries this morning - a little over a pint.  This was made possible by the fact that I swadled the bed in netting.  While it seems this works as far as keeping the chipmunks out, it makes harvesting a real pain.  I am still trying to come up with a diabolical method of dealing with the scourge.  I do have some ideas....

The sheep are grazing and happy.  It isn't noisy for a change. Birds are chipping, the breezes are blowing, the sun is shining.


(Peace is shattered - the large crow population has trickled back in - giant babies carrying on, parents cawing.  What a hubbub!)


  1. the best part of the day is peanuts, jelly beans and wine! i netted my strawberries which made it almost impossible for me to get to them and the birds still found a way in. i uncovered them and let the birds have them. i think the only way to do it is to build a strawberry hut that you can net and walk into. that is never happening here.

  2. Just got in from an 8 p.m. walk. It is NOT summer here. Got thoroughly chilled although I had a hoodie and down vest on. Today was our second cold day with rain. My two cherry tomato plants in the garden look like they're dying. Seriously. So far, summer is a joke in our neck o' the woods. (Remind me I whined about that when we move into hot and sultry.)

    Salted nuts, jelly beans and wine? Nuh-uh. No way. Couldn't do it. (Eliminate the jelly beans and I'm good though. :o] )

  3. We celebrated summer by going to a neighborhood picnic at our local park. I wish I had brought the wine. But I did bring popcorn to eat while listening to the band play 70s music.

  4. It seems yesterday was Adult libation day....Ralph got me a Jamaica Make Me happy cooler and he got a cider and we sat by the window and watched a heavy rain and wind blow through! We had been in process of getting the tomatoes tied to the trellis....just got one done..sigh. It was good to see the rain though. We have a flock of Bluejays to ruin the tranquility! I am so glad you got strawberries!

  5. I did not get up today and tell 110 12 year olds to tie their shoes, stop whining, or to put their name on their homework. I just slept and puttered all day. It was amazing! I love summer! Pass the adult libations!