Friday, June 6, 2014

First Salad.

I've been limping along, trying to ignore my craving for fresh green things, forEVER.  Today I put together my first salad from the garden.  I almost wept with relief.  Waiting for seasonal foods can really stress you...

From left to right:  spinach, red mustard, red romaine, lovage, parsley.

Not wanting to waste even the teeniest bit, I nip off the root end of the (millions of) dill upstarts in my beet bed and chop them and freeze them in ice cubes.  This, I find, comes in handy when you're looking for a quick zing in your soup.  The minced dill is also very nice in my egg salad - on which I've been living for the past week.  I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but there is no going back, once you've started growing and eating your own food.  Everything pales in comparison, and you can eat with a clear conscience.  You know exactly where your food comes from.


  1. Man a bunnie ate my greens but I am holding out for the squash and pumpkins. They don't eat that do they?:) Looks good and sounds crunchy. Hug B

  2. Oh gosh, that looks so good.

  3. Beautiful to speak! I am heading out to thin the baby beets and maybe sneak a few leaves from the Kale I am trying to get seed from. Your so right about the addiction to food you have grown yourself. It is not just nutritionally better but I believe spiritually better! We are holding out on picking the first of the Broad Beans....have you tried to grow them. They are very frost tolerant. We planted ours on March 16th and then it snowed. They are about 3 feet tall now and loaded with 4 to 6 inch pods. Broad Windsor Fava's. Happy salading!

    1. I have to agree! I get such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when cooking with my own produce. I think it tastes better too so I eat more of the good stuff than when there's store-bought veg around.

  4. isn't this the truth? we ate our first lettuce yesterday. my husband was standing in the kitchen eating it plain before i made the salad! i just boiled some eggs and cooked some chicken to make another salad for lunch today!

  5. Ooo, hardboiled eggs and salad for supper sound DEVINE!!!

  6. Looks delicious! I regret not planting more romaine lettuce. Home grown makes every dish taste amazing. The crap from the store just doesn't do it for me anymore :/

  7. Oh, envious, envious envious!! My lettuce (or any other salad green) isn't even close to ready yet. Supposedly, the food you grow right smack-dab where you live is the food your body can process and use and provide the most nutritional benefits for you. No wonder it tastes so good!

  8. Susan,

    All the greens look great and will make for a wonderful salad.
    A good chunk of my lettuce was pulled up and placed in my compost due to the rot from to much rain.