Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Score! And Pitties.

I have been looking for a way to place my plants in front of the sliding glass door during their winter hibernation for a couple of years.  Right now, I have a dandy little chest with 'flaps' that seems to be handmade (picked up for a song at my favorite estate sale place three years ago) that has been standing in.  However, it has limited flat space and blocks most of the light on one side of the door.  Yesterday morning I happened to open one of my weekly Freecycle emails and VOILA!  There it was.  Of course, I didn't hold out much hope, as I figured it had been posted for a while.  I replied to the post, he sent a pic, I got dibs on it and off I went to fetch it.  It is perfect!

I'll sand and restain it to make sure it lasts, but it is a sturdy thing.  It's now showcasing my Mosquito Geranium.  Aren't those dahlias in the back to die for?!?  I was walking into HomeAwayFromHome Depot a couple of days ago and saw a woman with three in her cart - I demanded asked her nicely where she had found them and then made a beeline for the perennials.  Just in time, too, as I passed four more people with cartfuls!


Now, on the subject of Pitties.  A week ago, a favorite egg customer of mine came down to get eggs.  This person and his wife are also friends, and I am very fond of both of them.  They are also truly animal lovers.  He came in the door and, of course, was awash in a wave of wagging tails and lots of wiggling.  He gushed all over Scrappy but seemed to keep his distance from Lovey.

"She looks like a Pit Bull," he said.

No shit, Sherlock, I thought.  (Pardon the language but I am still a bit hot about it).

He was very cool towards her - no matter how hard she wiggled and wagged.  I did point out that Scrappy, himself, is part Pittie.  I wanted to also point out that their own dog is of a breed that is notoriously aggressive.  Of course, she is a giant cream puff.

I know that Pitties have a bad rep.  And some of them deserve it - although, is it any wonder when they have known nothing but cruelty and meanness, and are awarded only for aggression?  I place the blame squarely on the human element.  Lovey and her brother (they think they are Pittie/American Bull Dog mixes - given her adorable wrinkly muzzle) were, apparently, abused and neglected - dropped in the woods as puppies with horrible cases of mange, infections, you name it.  Yet, after such cruel treatment at the hands of the humans they had known, they show only love and forgiveness.  In my limited experience with Pitties, I find them funny, quirky, intelligent, and very, very loving.  I think it's a bad practice to use the same brush to paint an entire breed.  Or an entire race of people, for that matter.

So, the next time some idjut tries to paint my Pitties with the mean brush, I will just hug them tighter.



  1. Nice rack! I had one of those years ago. Ah that's sad about his reaction. And what a cute photo! Mommy, it's too bright!!!

    1. Nancy - I have been looking for a rack like this for ages! It's Karma! Yes, I was very disappointed. Lovey, being a southern gal, loves the sun - not so, Scrappy.

  2. What an awesome shelf....and your so right about "why" Pit bulls have such a misguided reputation. Did you know that statistic's have more people bitten by small dogs...Chihuahua's and Yorkshire terriers and that type than Pit bulls! I am so enjoying your posts and all your summer adventures! Do take care and don't over do in the upcoming hot spell!

  3. I'm sorry your friends are ignorant about Pitties ... find another breed that looks similar and let them know that's what she is ... I don't like lying or deceiving people ... but it would only be a little white lie and it would help Lovey to not be ostracized. Just my opinion ... Yvette

  4. What a great rack! I mean plant stand. Perfect for in front of your sliding glass door.

    Yeah, Lovey looks like she's going into attack mode. Any second now. Or maybe she'll just collapse at your feet for a little nappy since her eyes are already closed. (It's too bad, but ya just can't do much to change the beliefs of narrow minded people.)

  5. And you think I'm crazy to refinish a couple of slatted chairs. I think sanding that stand will be a bigger chore - but well worth it because it is great :)

    As for dog breeds - any dog will bite provoked or treated badly enough. Try to educate but give Lovey bigger hugs.

  6. We have a Lab Pit mix that is wonderful!!!! Pitties used to be called Nanny dogs b/c the are so good with kids (gotta love Dog 101 on Animal Planet!).

  7. I have known wonderful"Pitties" and I have seen what abuse has done to others it is a shame.
    Good score on the plant stand. Hug B