Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Sleet!  I have filled up all the water jugs in anticipation of a power outage.  Hoping, of course, that my diligence in emergency preparedness will thwart an emergency.  We are supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow an hour, up to 18 inches, depending on which neighbor I have talked to.
       This winter has made aware of how what happens globally affects me here, on my little homestead.  My house is what I refer to as a "tweenie" - that first modular that wasn't a double-wide, but wasn't the stick-built modulars you can buy today.  Because of that, I am not "allowed" to have a wood burning stove.  Allowed by the insurance companies, that is.  If I put in a wood burning stove, I lose my homeowners insurance.  I won't even get into how I feel about that.  So, I do have a fireplace (go figure) but my main heat source is fuel oil.  As I read the news on the turmoil in Egypt, I can hear the 'cha-ching' of the fuel oil prices going up.  Jordan dismissing it's cabinet?  CHA-CHING.  And I will tell you that I don't like the helpless frustration I feel when the price of crude oil tops a hundred dollars a barrel.  While I don't have plans to go off grid with this house, my next house will be off grid (inspired by Jane at Hard Work Homestead).  The importance of being self-sufficient becomes more and more urgent as the more world erupts in chaos.  Now, I am not an alarmist - I'm a pragmatist.  I think that one of the things I like most about the blogosphere is that it gives me the comfort of knowing that there are so many level-headed, clear-thinkers out there. 
       I did have the presence of forethought to dig out the wood pile on my deck, so I have easy access to about two days-worth of firewood before I'd have to tunnel my way to the main pile.  I have fingers and toes crossed and lots of indoor projects at the ready!


  1. I've been following your posts about the weather and such lately. Hope you don't lose power this time.

  2. Aww, thanks Susan. I have a lot of trailer parks in my area and occasionally one burns down. When they do it is mostly because of cooking or cigarettes. Never a wood burner. So not fair.

  3. Don't ya love insurance companies. I'd say a naughty word right now, but I think Mama Pea might be reading here, so I will be nice.

  4. (So, Sue, your mother told you you should never swear in front of little old ladies?? [I resent that implication -- being called a little old lady [but wait, I did that], not using naughty words. ;o)] I could relate a story right here and now about what we've just in the past weeks been going through with insurance companies and, believe you me, the air would get blue. Crooks are involved, out and out crooks!)

    Where was I? Oh, yeah. I'm a firm believer in being prepared for the worst, and hoping for the best. If you're prepared, as you are, all will be well. But you sure don't need sleet on top of what you've already dealt with!

  5. We've had the same discussion about insurance companies too. It's BS. If they are so darn worried about it then maybe they should get off their duffs and come see that there are some of us out there who are responsible enough to do it the right way. Makes me mad!

  6. I echo the other comments...just the other day we were looking at a reasonably priced pellet stove that would be way more efficient than the electricity we currently use for our heatpump being that we only have 900 sq ft and it's all open and loft-like but we both said "insurance would have a fit"....! Next time, next time....

    Line icing... BOO! I hope your power stays on, that's happened here before, '99 ice storm and the power company didn't get us back up for 2 weeks, very traumatic as we had to stay in a hotel.

  7. Grr, insurance companies. In any event, I hope you stay safe in the coming snow!

  8. We were able to put a manufactured home approved wood stove in our modular... we had to get a permit and get it inspected, but the insurance covers it. But, maybe it's a state thing. Who knows... Stay warm.

  9. LindaCO - nice to meet you! We lucked out and did not lose power. As a matter of fact, the storm missed us, other than about an inch and a half of sleet.

    Jane - you're welcome - I love your blog! I know of a lot of regular stick houses that burn down because of woodstove fires, too. I say leave it up to us!

    Sue - I think Mama Pea has used a couple of naughty words this winter...hmmm, Mama Pea?

    Mama Pea - our power goes out so often that it's second nature to fill the water jugs, stack the firewood and trim the wicks.

    APG - I really do not like insurance companies. At. All. I would be happy to give them a waiver, but they would have none of it. I saw that you really got slammed! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Erin - Next time, indeed! The longest I have gone without power was 3 days. That was he!! enough. I can't imagine going without for two weeks!

    MamaTea - Thank you - we are safe and sound. The dogs have cabin fever, but there's no place to run. I think we are united in our feelings towards insurance companies...

    Ruth - that's good to know. I will check into it. Unfortunately, the state of NY is one of the premier 'nanny' states in the country. They regulate every little thing.