Friday, February 4, 2011

Still lookin'.

I am still lookin' for those pictures - my myriad of rabbit tracks are now interspersed with tiny Chickadee tracks, grey squirrel tracks (don't mention that last one to Scrappy - he HATES squirrels) and dog tracks.  I was looking for any sign of predator tracks that would explain the rabbit hootenanny of yesterday morning, but not a one did I see.  While it would be fun to put a video camera out there to capture it all, sometimes it's better to just capture it with your imagination!  I hear faint banjo and fiddle music, little gingham dresses and blue jeans....

It took me most of my precious morning hours to re-rig my jerry-rigged electrical system (using the term very loosely) to the chickens.  While I am not quite sure, I believe I've fixed it.  I'll find out tonight when I check their waterer.  I have decided that, if it's not fixed, I will give up and just haul their waterer in every night and back out every morning.  It is not worth the aggravation of trying to fix something I just don't "get".  That being, anything electrical.  My skills are limited to putting cords on lamps and very basic stuff.

I think what we are in need of here - the "we" being single, female farmers - is a how-to book that includes the basics of electrical work and plumbing.  I did not learn these things at my daddy's knee.  My daddy kept waiting for boys to be born with whom to share his fix-it wisdom.  After three girls, they gave up trying, but those basic handyman skills were never imparted.  I've just been flailing along all these - um - so many years.  If I ever share my homestead with a mister, it will have to be an awfully handy mister.  And an awfully patient mister.  The list goes on.

The sun is out today, which is very lovely, and the temperature has actually made it to double digits on the plus side!  Freakin miracle!!!  I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate all the kind words and atta-girls.  It's made all the difference.


  1. Home depot does have a book that gives you a simple introduction to electrical, plumbing, furnaces, brickwork, etc. anything you would encounter in a home and how to fix it. We had one, but loaned it to someone and they never gave it back. I forget the exact name but I know they still have it.

  2. Jane - thank you for the resource. I will check it out the next time I am there. I have an outdoor oven on my wish list ;o).

  3. Glad it's warming up out there... and trust me, you don't have to be single to need those skills. My hubby can't pound a nail straight to save his life and when he builds something, he uses a flippin' chain saw to cut the wood. I would never allow him near something electrical...

  4. Sometimes we just have to change our routines to go with the flow. It is frustrating when the way we've been doing things suddenly doesn't work anymore though. Mumble-grumble.

    We've got 32 degrees here tonight at 6 pm. What's up with that??

  5. ;) Don't settle for anything less than a 'handy' mister! And while you are at it, make sure he is loaded! Hell, maybe even one foot in the grave!

    Just kidding!

    Glad you had a good day, good spirits and good humor!

    I always did love the word hootenanny...

  6. Erin - you got it! And I have the power tools to prove it!

    Ruth - I have a friend like that. If you asked him to go get the hammer, he would be lost.

    Mama Pea - Yes, the dogs and I are alike. None of us like change all that much. 32 degrees? In northern MN? What IS up with that?

    APG - Hey, I should add that to my list LOL! I love that word too; it's so perfect, isn't it?

  7. Susan,
    OK so I'm not a very "Handy Mister", But I know where the hammer is (what end do you use to strighten out thoes nails?) Being single again gives me the freedom to do what I want without herting anyones feeling. I have my wood working tools set up in the living room (no out buildings!) and I do not know of meny wife's who could live with that. But its what I have. AND I don't like working with electricity eather, But you do what you have to! And it nevers seems to end does it? I love your Blog/Homestead and look forward to each new post! Keep it up.

  8. Tom, well, I don't know about that - you can cook! And you're right there, not many wives or women would live with a wood working shop in the living room! Sometimes, being single rocks!