Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am going to be so STRONG!

I dutifully shoveled all the paths again, cleared a foot of snow off my hoop houses, slogged out in hip-deep snow to rescue my little apple tree, and dug a path to my mailbox.  Then my farmer/neighbor came by to plow me out and told me that "they" are forecasting up to 18 more inches of snow by tomorrow night.  Wow.  I am going to be so very strong by the end of this winter - should I live through it, that is. 

To help perk myself up, I made my own version of custard - it's actually like a souffle/custard-y thing.  But it is very comforting!  And a lot of the comfort comes from the fact that I bake them in custard cups that my mother used to make her custard when we were feeling poorly.  Of course, you had to really be feeling poorly - there was no fooling my mother.  You had exactly one day to languish in your illness, then up on your feet you went. 

I float little pats of butter on top.  Just because I can.

Out of the oven.  Notice one's missing?  I am feeling very comforted.

Extremely adapted from Veggie Venture's Whole Pumpkin Baked with Custard (which I would high recommend trying if you want to impress your dinner guests):

Pumpkin Spiced Custard

4 eggs (original called for 3, but I'm up to my elbows in eggs at the moment)
1 1/2 C. cream/milk
1 Tablespoon molasses
1/4 C. brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
small pat of butter, cut into 4 pieces (optional)

Whisk eggs thoroughly.  Whisk in cream/milk, molasses, brown sugar and spices.  Pour into custard cups and top with little pat of butter, if using.  Put in baking dish and fill halfway up sides of cups with boiling water.  Bake in a preheated 325 degree oven for 45 minutes, or until top is pouffy and set.  Using the extra egg tends to make it really pouf up.


  1. YUM! You could put pumpkin in anything and I'd be happy.

  2. Oh that looks like heaven! I happen to have all those ingredients on hand and may need comforting also :)

    You be careful shoveling all that snow missy!

  3. Yummmy.... Nothing better to help comfort me than a warm dish of custard (maybe a little cream on top?). Stay safe and warm!

  4. I'm definitely making this one. As soon as we have three eggs. (Our hens are STILL not laying. We even have a light on for them early morning and night. Ingrates.) I love custards and puddings.

    You stay warm and do your shoveling in stints. Don't you go over-doing. Understand? Say "Yes, Mother." Thank you. :o)

  5. How does it get to be called Pumpkin custard if there isn't any pumpkin in it? Or am I just being a pill? Must be all the snow dampening my mood...

  6. Looks so very delicious. If it weren't so late at night right now, I'd have to whip up a batch. I'm feeling the need to be comforted, suddenly...

  7. I like your reward system. Maybe I should tell hubby to have custard waiting for ME when I come in!!
    Looks delicious!

  8. More snow? If it helps the groundhog said early spring (obviously I am from PA)

  9. Hi Julie! As Melanie so aptly pointed out - it should be called Pumpkin Spice Custard, alluding to the SPICE and not the pumpkin. Hope you and the kiddlings are well up in Maine!

    APG - Yes'm. I am very careful and am painfully slow but diligent in my shoveling.

    Ruth - I think custard is good for whever ails you - winter or colds.

    Mama Pea - If only I could send you some of these eggs! I put a light in their coop because of the frigid weather and they kicked into gear. I usually like to give them a break over the winter.

    Melanie - Meant to stress the pumpkin SPICE in the custard. It was originally backed inside a pumpkin so there technically wasn't any pumpkin IN the custard until you spooned it out. Cheer up - the groundhog has promised us an early spring!

  10. MamaTea - I am such an early riser that I tend to do most of my baking before 6a! I'm glad I'm on your late-night reading list ;o)

    Sue - Absolutely! Every man should be able to whip up a custard!

    Erin - I am very partial to custard. My mom made the best I've ever had - so creamy.

    Jane - I am pulling for the groundhog! Hurray for Phil! Won't spring feel glorious this year?

  11. I still think I'd throw some pumpkin in there. Why not?