Sunday, February 6, 2011

Climate Change

Pumpkin biscuits - Farm Crew Seal of Approval!
That would aptly describe yesterday's wild mood swings!  The day started out at 12 degrees which seemed just dandy as it was a two-digit temperature on the plus side.  The sun rose and stayed out!  Then....the clouds moved in, the temperature rose, the rain/sleet started.  At 8:30 last night, there was a downpour of rain.  With thunder and lightning.  This sent poor, confused Bernie in search of a hiding place.  I decided to ignore February and go to bed, emerging in April.  Instead, I was rudely awakened by high winds at 2 am.  At 4:30, my typical rising time, it was 22 degrees and nothing else seems to be happening.  I will have to say, I didn't lie in bed and worry about things blowing away - with two feet of snow, now capped with two inches of ice, nothing is moving.  I knew that everyone had shelter, the electricity was still on, so I was able to sneak in those extra two hours of sleep.

My day didn't go as planned yesterday, but I got things done; the 18 inches of snow is off my roof, and I deconstructed the soup chicken that I had been stewing for three days - four quarts of incredibly rich broth and a nice amount of chicken for other uses.  I started on the closet, and finished the baby sweater for Els' grandson.  Now to find some cute buttons, and my part of the transparency trade is finally finished!  I traced the source of the chicken blood to find that e-Claire's mother had torn out a nail (ouch!).  She has had her share of trouble lately, so I swabbed the toe with disinfectant - as if that matters, really - and it will have to heal on its own.

Today is more cleaning, I tackled some pumpkin biscuits this morning for the barn crew - complete with honey and butter!  (Note to Melanie and Julie:  these actually contain pumpkin!).  On the menu:  my soup of the week (Manhattan Clam Chowder), a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker, and bracing myself for the great rabbit clean out!  I plan to have a lot checked off my list by the end of this day.


  1. I am with you. Lets just sleep through this month. We got those high winds too. You always lose something with those.

  2. WOW~! and you still have electricity? Amazing~!
    This winter has been a doosey and I might say one to write in the record book...
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa..

  3. How in good conscience could you tease with a picture of biscuits that look like that and not put up a recipe? Excuse me now, I have to go to Tudor's Biscuit World and see if they have pumpkin biscuits!!

  4. Double Yuck for your weather! Sounds like the kind of stuff we typically get in late March/early April. Glad your electricity held in there.

    Gadzooks, Girl, you are on a roll. Talk about being productive! You're getting scads done. You sound like a local friend of mine that I was talking with yesterday. She's a single gal and every spring (she says it's hit her early this year) she goes through her complete house including kitchen cabinets and get rids of stuff she hasn't used in the past year. After the house, she hits her shop (she's a talented wood worker) and garage and does the same thing. Ah, things to aspire to!!!!

    Your post gave me the push to tackle things here . . . after my last day (sniff) in the quilt studio today! :o)

  5. Wow, wow, wow. The biscuits are beautiful and kuddo's to you for getting all that accomplished. Yesterday all I got done on the property was splinting the lamb's leg. Our winter here on the Oregon coast has been unseasonably nice and I'll tell you I don't like it! This is supposed to be my down time and with the weather nice, I have to be doing things!

  6. Jane, the rains did more damage than the wind this time. I am not a fan of wind. Pardon the pun...

    Tiggeriffic - I know, amazing isn't it? I do think this winter is a record breaker, at least in my record book.

    Spiderjohn - you are right. All I have to do is find out where I got the recipe so I can give due credit, and I'll post it this afternoon.

    Mama Pea - I think I want Spring so badly I can force it to come by bumping up my Spring cleaning!

    Ruth - You are one hard-worker, girl. It's not fun when you work without break. Not to wish anything bad on you, but here's to a couple weeks of winter weather for y'all!

  7. How dare you tease us with pics of the Pumpkin Goodies & NOT include a recipe.

  8. You were busy! Horrible weather, February & March are so "blech"!