Friday, February 25, 2011

Off the needles.

And soon to be on my head!  Knitted from one of my Noro skeins from my Webs extravaganza -- there are so many great hat patterns out there, and so few that actually look good on my head.  I had knit up a darling hat designed by Kay's talented daughter (must be in the genes), but it looked hideous on my head.  I am thinking of a hat with earflaps next - but need to get some socks on my needles first.  This will be my first attempt at knitting two at a time, toe down.  I am very hopeful that it will get me through my second sock slump.  I love knitting sock, but not socks.  The thrill of the turned heel, the excitement as I make my way down the foot - then the overwhelming satisfaction as I graft the toe is a one-sock-only occurrence.  I can barely force myself to cast on the second one.  My shoulders slump, I whine, I do anything but knit.  Will two-at-a-time, toe-down work?   The jury is still out on this thorny issue.


  1. What gorgeous colours -- and I love, love the buttons! I've got an earflap hat on my 'to knit' list, too, but i haven't found a pattern I love yet. I've just figured out the whole sock knitting thing and I'm intrigued by the idea of knitting two at a time. You don't quite get the same satisfaction from finishing a project when you have to start all over again and do another one, do you? Looking forward to reading about it...

  2. Ooooohhh, I love the color. It came out so nice!

  3. I started knitting socks TAAT two years ago and it has made a huge difference in my Second Sock Syndrome! I started with two circs, but switched to magic-loop about this time last year. I end up doing a lot of plain-vanilla sock knitting, which can be really boring. TAAT is what makes it possible for me to finish at all!

    Good luck!

  4. I don't think ANY hat looks good on me, which is really sad because they are great one-skein projects. Don't know many people who I could knit them for, either.

    I knit socks like Allison, and use self-patterning yarn to make them fun.

  5. Hey! We all want to see that lovely hat ON YOUR HEAD!! (Don't we, Everybody?) You've been keeping yourself hidden for too long now. If I can post a picture of myself stuffing a huge slice of bread into my mouth, you can model that gorgeous hat.

    Your post makes me wanna sit down (for about 18 months) and knit up a storm.

  6. Love your hat! Great colors together - fun :-D.