Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nothing to do with the "W" word.

That's right.  Winter doesn't exist - lalalalalalalala - I thought I would post a couple of animal pics instead.  Inside animals, so that I wouldn't have to show snow - lalalalalalalala.

When my cat, Woody, died almost two years ago, Cookie was a lost soul.  He is twice the size of the other cats and three times the size of Tippet, who is a parakeet in a cat suit.  He is a gentle, loving cat and he missed his brother something fierce.  Tippet wouldn't tolerate him, so he turned to Bernie.  Bernie suffers his loving attentions because she, too, is a gentle soul.  Sorry for the blurred image of Cookie, but he moved just as I snapped.

Scrappy is waiting for Blankie, which is presently in the dryer.

This is just a random shot of Slim.  He and Cookie have very symetrical markings - I think it looks like he has mutton chops!  He is poised on a high vantage point - all the better to wreak havoc on all of us.

I have hung my Spring wreath on the front door and am diligently ignoring - lalalalalalalala.  However, I am not ready for flipflops as we are presently getting more - lalalalalalalala.  I should be certifiable by April.


  1. I've seen these loons out in flipflops too. I don't know-I'm ready for spring, but nothing gets uncovered until the temps hit the 60's!

  2. Way to go! And if you snuggle in between those two lumps on the couch and close your eyes, you could swear you were on a warm beach somewhere. A very furry, bumpy beach.

  3. What an adorable dog...waiting for his blankie. I'm sorry about all the lalalalala. My dad says it's my fault 'cause I blogged that I'm loving winter this year. Sadly, I said that on a snowshoeing high, but have recovered now and share your feelings about winter.

  4. See, we still haven't had a normal winter-no big wind storms, etc. so I am a bit sad about the thought of spring, but that is because we don't get snow like ya'll do. I love your critter pics...

  5. I think I'd be more eager for spring if we didn't have to go through MUD first. Have I mentioned I hate MUD? Guess what we're getting today? Yup, more lalalalala along with some fierce winds. No gardening for me today. (Ha!) But then I'm inside where it's warm and cozy and I don't have to think about going out to shovel the lalalala for a couple more hours. Maybe with this wind, it will all blow away. But the snow is better than our glare ice. Guess I don't like ice much either. It's right up there with MUD but hurts more when you fall in/on it.

  6. I'm a flip flop loon LOL! Once I break them out for the first nice day, they stay out - last night I looked especially loony since it was cold and I had socks on with my flip flops :)

  7. Erin-socks and flipflops--LOL! TOO funny!

  8. Sue - I'm with you. My flip flops don't come out until June.
    Jane - I tell you, with those warm bodies around me, who needs a wood fire!
    Catherine - was YOU! Yes, I had a lovely winter high. In December.
    Ruth - please take my winter. Please.
    Mama Pea - Yes, it's easier to shovel lalalala than MUD. I am sure I will be whining about MUD in the spring.
    Erin - So, do you have those socks with the separate big toe? Doesn't it hurt to have all that yarn jammed between your toes???