Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brace yourself!

I know you'll be completely taken aback when I say that I woke up to four inches of snow and more falling.  I was (not).  As it is also 32 degrees, it is wet, heavy snow.  Looks like there's more shoveling in my very near future, as the rest of the next few days consist of rapidly dropping temperatures, wind and more snow.

Also greeting me this morning were the scattered remains of what I believe to be three mice.  I am pretty sure about two of them - it was that bad.  Gak.  Of course, the cats are doing their job, but what I had in mind was a quick nip to dispatch them, then leave them where they lie.  It takes a strong constitution to pick up the remains across the battlefield which is my living room and hallway.  Especially at 5 in the morning.

On a positive note (there is always a positive note), the days are getting longer, I've got a fridge full of fresh eggs, and it's Tuesday.  It's one day closer to Saturday, when I make my first trip to Webs - the mecca of knitters.  I have a short and specific list, and a limited amount of funds.  I may have to velcro my arms to my sides, nonetheless.


  1. Your weather is relentless this year! Webs... sounds fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. "(there is always a positive note)" Love that. And it is true.

    I've been setting a snap trap for the last remaining smarty-pants of a mouse, who gingerly eats the oats-cheese-peanut butter off the mechanism and then merrily goes on its way. One of these days.

    Hope you're able to maintain control amidst all that yummy yarn...

  3. Susan, m'dear, you have such a wonderful, optimistic, UP attitude. And I know it can't be easy with ALL that snow falling upon you. Holy cow.

    Do you know I actually get an endorphin rush going into a quilting shop or knit store? Have fun at Webs!

  4. Hang in there... spring had got to come eventually, right? Right????
    "Mecca of knitters" - love it! Have fun :)

  5. I just saw on the news parts of NY are getting another 9-12 inches. What is going on! Snow is falling here to, but it is the single digit temps that are getting to me. Come on already.

  6. Sounds like a fun time ahead at Webs--may you have strength to resist!

  7. Ah, well, I didn't make it into the office. Almost none of the roads were cleared and now the wind has picked up and the temps are plummeting. It's getting very difficult to find something positive about this relentless winter.

  8. It makes me very nervous re: you all being hit so hard and here on the southern Oregon coast we haven't had any rain since almost the first of January. As Chicken Little would say "The sky is falling!

  9. With all that snow-shoveling, you are going to be BUFF, woman! You'll make those of us living the relative easy life out here on the west coast look like flabby pansies.

    Have a great time at WEBS petting all that yarn and sticking to your budget!