Saturday, February 5, 2011

Found them! Well, some of them.

That was weird.  I swear they were not on the camera yesterday.  And a few are still not there.  It seems so anticlimatic at this point, but I did find the pic with my lone bunny tracks.  Where the others went remains a mystery.  I have a young rabbit that frequents my deck at night.  He/she scours the surfaces for leftover black oil sunflower seeds.  I can always tell he/she is there by the fact that both of the Boyz are rigid with excitement, noses glued to the glass door.  So far, thank goodness, neither dog has noticed our nightly visitor.

My re-jerry-rigged system has worked!  I am happy to have the water thawed and one less thing to do mornings and nights.  I did find something disturbing last night - lest you think that everything is rosy again in my life - there was blood on some of the eggs in the nesting boxes, and I noticed a small about of blood on the snow in front of the coop.  All chicken bottoms will be checked this morning.

One of the pictures I took that reappeared is of the wonderful transparency that Els made for me.  It hangs in my kitchen window - and I just love it!  I have visions of her amazing work in ALL my windows.  However, my bank balance has other ideas.  This may turn out to be a whole weekend to myself; that is a rare thing indeed.  I may be able to tackle some things on the fun list!


  1. At first glance of the curtain by your friend Els, I thought you had captured the silhouetted figure of a sheep out in your yard! I can see why you enjoy her work (artistry!) so much.

    Yay for non-frozen water!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

  2. That transparency is beautiful! I would just love seeing that every morning :)

  3. I love that transparency. So cool. But I know I would still jump a little every time I walk into that room and yell 'sheep are out!'. I am always paranoid about someone getting out.

  4. Very cool window indeed. However it would scare the crap out of me everytime I turned my head! :) I would think they were coming for me!

    Glad you are having a good weekend to yourself!