Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Back deck - the sheep are supposedly behind that big fir tree.

View out of my office window.
(Geez, I just got a cold chill up my spine, remembering Gomer Pyle saying that...) Another winter storm!  Actually, this time TWO winter storms approacheth, with our area squeezed in the middle.  I can tell you, I don't like to be squeezed in the middle - by snow storms or anything else.  We have about 4 inches so far, with a steady snowfall.  This snow is very fine; it reminds me of powdered sugar.  Very cold, heavy powdered sugar.  Since I have heard predictions that range from a few inches to a few feet, to ice, sleet, locusts, and other pestilence, I am taking a wait-and-see attitude vis a vis shoveling.  As long as we keep our power, we will be able to hunker down and ride it out.  But I do have to say, I am waaaay tired of this winter.  So are the chickens, ducks, rabbits, sheep, llama, dogs, and cats.  And the mice.  And the sparrows.  But, as M said, the seed potatoes are ordered, our bee classes start Thursday, so it's not all negative.  Just mostly.  These are the days when all sense leaves you, and you are left, unchaperoned, with the Meyers Poultry Catalog.  I need my mother!!!


  1. Brrrrr! Stay safe. I am almost nervous that it is so nice here and so scary everywhere else. The sky is falling, as Chicken Little would say!

  2. Oh no! Unchaperoned with catalogs to gander thru! That could be very bad for your wallet!

    Well, again my dear, more shoveling for you! I don't think you are alone this time!

  3. Locusts? Ha! Well, at least we can keep our sense of humor. Stay safe!

  4. Well, you're still maintaining your sense of humor which means you're going to make it . . . or have already gone over the edge.

    Shall I send a CARE package? Would that help? ("Yes," she says, "if you include a handsome, willing, strong man in it to do my shoveling.")

  5. Ruth - I'll be right over. I can use some nice weather!

    APG - You're right, there is some comfort in numbers, isn't there? Have you found someone to babysit your chickies?

    Sue - I had better hope I don't jinx myself. The first year I lived here we had a plague of gypsy moth caterpillars!

    Mama Pea - Do you have one of those you could send over for a year or two????

  6. All things come to an end, right? I am beginning to think we started into another ice age myself. But it is February and it should start down hill from here. We will soon be up to 10 hours of daylight which means growth can start again.

  7. Locusts.... LOL/snicker! Just keep on posting thru the storm so we know all is well, stay warm!