Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little hot sauce with that 2x4?

The Damage.
The Solution?
I noticed a pile of wood chips the last time I went out to the hayport - then discovered rabbit damage.  It seems they have found the nice, dry, food-laden space to be a haven during this endless, bitter winter.  While I know I cannot keep the hayport varmint-free, I am not fond of vandalism.  Needing a quick fix, I decided to see whether they had an aversion to Latin cuisine and slathered hot sauce on all the affected wood surfaces.  This morning I found evidence that a little bit more had been gnawed, but it seemed to have stopped suddenly - Ai Carumba!


  1. Let's just hope your rabbit isn't an illegal Mexican! He may like your seasoning.

    Many years ago we had a black bear who was doing damage on our property. (He tore through a solid wall of a shed housing grain!) We were advised to make him Tabasco sandwiches. Two slices of white bread with a good soaking of Tabasco sauce in the middle. He liked them. He always ate them every night before starting to tear things apart.

  2. I always wondered if that worked. But I see from Mama Pea that its 50/50. I hope it works for your invaders. It looks like the damage the rats do here. And they will et anything.

  3. Mama Pea - Holy Toledo! It looks like whoever it was got a mouthful of hot stuff. Let's hope he/she doesn't develop a taste for it.

    Jane - I was thinking originally it might be caused by a rat, but all of the "evidence" inside points to rabbits.

  4. That worked for the skunk that was terrorizing my garden a few years ago!

  5. Erin - I always live in terror that a skunk will infiltrate my chicken yard. I actually like them - I had one as a pet once. But skunk+chickens= bad news, not to mention the skunk+dog formula.