Monday, September 19, 2011

The faster I go, the behinder I get.

I'm trying to play a little catch-up before pre-DSL-loss becomes totally irrelevant.  Too late!  My goal is to be right up to the present by the end of the week.  It was another jam-packed weekend with alot checked off the lists!

Images from Labor Day Weekend:

Paula Reds from a local orchard.
 One of my favorite things about fall is apple picking.  Although this local orchard doesn't have a self-picking option, their apples are divine!  Paula Reds are my favorite early apple.

2011 garlic harvest
Overall, I was pretty happy with my garlic crop this year.  I have a bunch to my sister and her husband, who are paying me to grow some for them!  There is NOTHING like fresh garlic.

 That Saturday I paid a visit to Marianne's and Melanie's tables at the Waloomsac Farmers Market.  This is taken from Marianne's booth - the little girl in the picture had just spent 20 minutes hugging the little carved bear!

Dog agility demonstration.
The County Fair.  Ah, what a disappointment!  That is why you will only see two lousy pictures.  It was small, poorly represented agriculturally and tacky beyond words.  The dog agility was fun - they had all kinds of dogs go through the course, with hilarious results sometimes.  This particular dog aced the course.

Handsome ram.
Quite a handsome fellow!  The poultry barn was about a third full of empty cages, there were only three breeds of cattle shown, and just a handful of sheep breeds, none of them the primitive, smaller breeds.

It's blanket season!
Something a little more timely - with the nighttime temps in the 30s, it was time for Scrappy's blanket.  He's a hothouse flower, that one.

Should I be up on the sofa?
Bernie reacts to the camera as if I was pointing a dangerous object at her.  She rarely gets up on the furniture, but will hop up and cuddle next to me, if Scrappy leaves any room.


  1. Scrappy looks like MY kind of dog--all wrapped up and warm!
    Bernie looks a little "guilty".....

  2. I love scrappy and his doggie snuggie, even if he is a couch hog. I think poor bernie needs her own couch- the NEW couch.

  3. I love apple season too,wish we had time to go to the orchard,oh well,Ive got company coming,should I really be on the computer? don't I have work to do---yes-bye [ Jerry's brother from KY ]

  4. There's nothing better than a morning border collie and sheep fix for me, thanks! :)

  5. We had a dissapointing County Fair also. But, it gave us something different to do.

    Never heard of those types of apples, but they look might delicious!

  6. I want to grow garlic!!!! Next year...

  7. Our county fair was better, but not as good as the last few years. I think the economy is taking its toll on everything. I feel for the 4-H and FFA kids, they try so hard, and this is all they get ... grrrr.

    What will you do with those gorgeous apples?

  8. Sue - He is a total couch potato. If he had his way, he would prefer his meals served on the sofa so he could eat them wrapped in his blanket. Bernie is a worry wort.

    Jane - No matter how much I encourage her, she is continually worried that it's wrong. Poor dear. The "new" couch is even smaller - that should be interesting.

    Judy - Get back to your company! I love going to the orchard to pick my own - that's in store for next weekend.

    Erin - You're welcome! ;o)

    Carolyn - It's getting harder and harder to find a "real" old fashioned county fair anymore. I didn't show pictures of the consolation prizes though - hand cut french fries and ice cream!

  9. Jenyfer - It is SO easy to grow! Maybe you can squeeze it in this fall - hahahahahaha.

    Yvette - So far, I've eaten most of them. They are a multi-purpose variety, though, so I will save some for making applesauce and baking.

  10. Clearly, you went to the wrong Fair. If I'm not mistaken, aren't we in Rensselaer County? At least that's where WE were....with plenty of poultry, even some Shetland sheep, and dog agility, I might add. (But we had plenty of tacky, to be sure.)

  11. Candy - They will be my puppies until they are old and grey - and then they will STILL be my puppies.

    Melanie - Well, heck, I thought I'd try out another county just for the exposure. Really, really puny. Either they don't have a 4-H group, or it consists of two kids. But it was heavy (in all senses of the word) on the tacky.

  12. I loved your post title! Ain't that the truth! See, sometimes this is why I don't make lists, then I realize what I am not accomplishing ;)

    Nothing better than a snuggle puppy...

  13. Oh, you got lots done! Lists, huh?? I sometimes make a list of the things I've already done, just so I can cross something off! Bad?? Oh well. Hey, I came over from APG's blog. Nice to read yours. Did I read that you do this by yourself? Are you type A, or what?? Do you give lessons on how to accomplish lots???
    Will be back!

  14. Hi Susan!
    I came over from Judy's Blog at My Freezer....

    Our county fairs around these parts are still pretty good...and I don't get to nearly enough of them.
    I wanna try growing garlic. You can plant it in the fall?? (I live across the river from St Louis)

    Glad I came by--'m a 50 something too that's gone back to the country~!

  15. I welcome to upcoming fall weather, and apple season. Richard

  16. APG - My Great Aunt Edie used to use that expression. Maybe from the Pennsylvania Dutch? I L.U.V. my snuggle puppy - and the worried puppy, too.

    Lori - Welcome! Yes, all the mahem is caused by yours truly. I do have help in the form of wonderful friends and neighbors, though. Thanks for commenting!

    Akannie - Hi there! Yes, you are from the best county fair region ever. I think it's been glammed here - or carnied. Garlic is such a cinch to grow and, yes, you plant it in the fall. I just poke a hole with an old broomstick and drop in a clove, cover it with straw mulch and leave it. I'm glad you came by, too! I love to know there are more of "me" out there...

    Richard - There is nothing better than apple season. Unless it's peach, blueberry, strawberry or cherry season!

  17. More pictures of the pups, please! I'd love to cuddle with them on the couch. :o]