Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans.

I have had to force myself to slow down on the new obsession project - I'm holding firm at 6 potholder sections of my 15-section rug.  I have them laid out so that I can canoodle about colors and patterns.  I have the parents coming tomorrow late afternoon for dinner and an overnighter.  The first Sunday of each month, starting in fall and ending in late spring, our town all-volunteer-fire company puts on an all-you-can-eat breakfast at the firehouse.  One does not go for the food, per se, but for the people-watching opportunities and to see neighbors that you don't see often.  My parents just love it and insist that their favorite breakfasting people join us - the Swede and his lovely wife.  Our table can get quite loud.  This Sunday they have the added benefit of Sylvie's company, who will be hard-pressed to find something healthy to eat.  It just goes to show how much she likes us.

I did manage to whip up a batch of Erin's laundry soap this week - but have yet to pour it into containers.  I also re-potted my rosemary starts - I was starting to squirm under their collective "evil eye" on the kitchen window sill.  I also re-potted my poor, forlorn Norfolk pine, which has been knocked to the ground once too often by the Bad Boyz.  And last night, just in case you think that I left a 5 minute period of blank space in my at-home time, I frogged (as in "ribbit-ed" it out) a sleeveless shell I had been knitting about two years ago, rewound the yarn and will embark on a new sleeveless shell project that I like much more.  I may even finish it!  Tonight I will be canting the laundry soap, cleaning out and straightening up the guest room, cleaning the bathrooms and cleaning out the cat's room.  Gee, that will be fun.

Tomorrow I'll be up before the Crap of Dawn (coined by Kayten) and will head out to the Farmers Market, gas up the Ford, pick apples and make a feed run.  This, I am certain, will all be done in the pouring rain.  Because, while TODAY is dry and sunny (and I am forced to be inside), tomorrow will be it's polar opposite.  I believe it is a rule.  Most of everything else I have to do is done inside, so I will have plenty of time to dry off.  I will need to do some nail trimming and fur brushing on the dogs, as they love my parents and will turn them into mohair objects in seconds.  Sunday dinner will be shared with my parents' friends and my neighbors, so it will be a nice, old-fashioned sit-down dinner, served on good china.  I've decided on a pork roast - all crusty and garlicky; scalloped potatoes, roasted squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a French apple tart for dessert.  MmmMMmmMM.  The dessert, unfortunately, will have to be divied up and sent home with everyone.  It's not on my good list.  But, for me, most of the enjoyment is in the cooking of it.

I am sure I will be able to sneak in a couple of potholders, don't you?


  1. Ya know, you haven't talked much about this intolerance to gluten that you suspect you have. I think it would of interest to many of us to know more about it, why you think you may have it, how the non-gluten diet is going, etc., etc. You must tell us everything.

    Nothing like having company coming to give you the push to get the house cleaned up. And the dinner you have planned sounds WONDERFUL! I do love pork. And garlic. And squash. And Brussels sprouts. And scalloped potatoes. And, okay, if you twist my arm, I'll eat the French apple tart, too. ;o]

    You MUST find time to sneak in a couple of potholders. Pictures of what you have laid out so far, please?

  2. Mama Pea - I will do a more in-depth gluten rundown next week. You may be sorry you asked...and I will take a picture of my rug layout(s) even though you realize I am photography-challenged, and will try and post it Sunday.

  3. Oh,never sorry she asked because although I might have forgotten to ,surely someone else would have asked. And now I have to check the ads for pork prices. Someone we know is making a pork roast for company and it just sounds so delicious I have to find a deal. if there are no deals ,I don't shop, have fun.I wish I could say I'm having my parents for dinner,that would just make my day,week,year,you know!

  4. Wow, what a treat; pork roast on fine china! We need to have more extended-family dinners like that. And yes, I second the request for pics of your potholder I think I'm in for the same thing (too many coasters and potholders her too!).

  5. Jeez, your days sound kinda like mine, but I'm SURE you'll manage to sneak in at least one potholder! ;)
    Enjoy your time with your folks!

  6. Do I really come across as that OC about food?

  7. Shh, while I'm covering my cat's eyes, can you just delete that part about the cat's room? My cat has a corner and I don't want her to get jealous of a cat who has a whole room. LOL Busy, busy!

  8. Judy - I don't buy it often and when I do, I buy if from my friend, who raises Tamworths. It's the best.

    Carolyn - That china makes everything taste better!

    Candy - Thanks - what's up for your weekend?

    Sylvia - No, you are careful of what you eat. That is why you are healthy, vibrant and look 20 years younger.

    HG - She may not think it was such a gret deal once she saw it. And, after all, the house belongs to the cats.

  9. You have been very, very busy! I finally have gotten myself out to do fall chores this weekend, since the rain has (sort of!) let up but more importantly, the temps have finally dropped! I hope you have a great time at the breakfast, sounds like fun!