Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving right along...

We have had a string of rainy days, which makes getting things done in the few hours of daylight now left for me a real challenge.  I find myself taking an item on my list and breaking it into smaller steps that I can squeeze in after work or before I leave in the morning.  Yesterday was a glorious day - very foggy in the morning but the sun broke through, the air was ionized and the sky was azure.  I had to leave very early for work, as I left at noon to drive to meet my parents at the eye doctor for my dad's MD treatment.

I apologize, but I am going to go off on a slight rant now.

Since it would be cutting it too close for me to pick them up at the house and get them to the doctor on time, I suggested my parents call a taxi for the ride there, and that I would meet them and then take them home.  It is H.E.L.L. getting old.  The taxi driver (woman) pulls up in a van.  A van that is HIGH off the ground.  She does not get out to assist them into the back, leaving them to struggle with the door.  Then, my mother who has a very difficult time stepping up and, thanks to botched rotator cuff surgery, cannot pull herself up into the van, struggles for some time to get in.  The seat is pulled forward, so there is little space.  Meanwhile, through this grueling and embarrassing procedure, the driver SITS IN HER SEAT TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE.  By the time they were in and delivered to the doctor's office, my mother was completely flustered and near tears.  I tell you, had I been there, I would have hauled that driver out by her collar.  I am still steamed.  And it's pretty darn evident that they are not spring chickens and would have needed some assistance.  What has happened to common courtesy?  To just having good manners and being helpful?  Shineola.


Long story short, we fast danced through the procedure, I got them home and made sure everyone was recovered, then drove home to take advantage of the rest of the daylight.  I used the push mower to trim down the new fence path, then mowed everything I could until it ran out of gas.  Other than some clean-up of the blades, etc., it is now ready for winter.  Then I set up the new fence line with the electronet and watched the sheep and llama bounce out into their new grass.  I ignored the goaties (which is difficult - they can be LOUD) and did a little clean up around the place.  By then, the light started to fade, so I did my regular chores, had an amazing mushroom pasta dish (quinoa pasta), had a glass of wine and fell into bed.  No coyotes last night, so I was able to catch up a bit on lost sleep.  In the early morning hours, the rain woke me up, so it looks as if we are back to another string of rainy days.  I sat down this morning and made up my list for Saturday, which caused me to burst into hysterical laughter.  Let's just label it as "fiction".

For those who are interested in Maremmas, this blog is a great place to watch them in action.  She is a great writer and I love the photographs.


  1. Sure we don't live in the same County? We've had coyotes the past several nights and rain that isn't going to stop all day.

    Hear that yelling? Maaaaa, Maaaa....Bammmmmmmaaaaa!! Pay ATTENTION to us!!

  2. Carolyn- We may. Were those your goaties I heard? Isn't it amazing how much sound can come out of those tiny mouths? Chicky has taken to stamping his little hoof if I do not come running!

  3. I feel your pain with the taxi, and I would have done some collar haulin' too! I'm delivering DM, DMIL, and DGM to medical appts a lot and I have learned that medical taxis can be a great help-if the insurance will cover them and the patient isn't too scared to go alone. ((hugs)) And I think your coyotes came to my house last night. I need a nap!

  4. I love my cell phone and wouldn't want to be without it but I get VERY annoyed with people who talk on their phone and ignore customers, cashiers, the people they are dining with, etc!! GRRRR!!
    Sounds like you had a busy afternoon/evening, glad the coyotes stayed away!

  5. I would be calling that taxi company and complaining. There is no reason for someone to be that inconsiderate.
    Complaining may not change anything but you may feel better. And besides- if you tell them that you will spread the word at how bad their service is that driver may get a lecture she won't soon forget.
    Good luck.

  6. HG - I hope they've come and gone! I did a few fence repairs, too, so I feel slightly less queasy about them getting access. Boy, you must be busy with all that taxi-ing around! My mother would not go in a medical taxi on a dare.

    Candy - I agree - I like mine, too, but I turn it off when I'm in an office, a restaurant, a doctor's office. It's just too rude - and I hear WAY more about people than I want to.

    Judy - I will have to get the name of the company from my mother. Their area has a lot of good support services for seniors, so I'm looking into alternative transportation for them. AND they were charged per person! The gall!

  7. oh darn it,I wish I could send some helping hands to you. and I know some of those drivers are very rude.I take Jerry to the VA hospital and the drivers can be so insensitive. We use whats called here as the metro mobility. When your in it it feels like your in a 16 wheeler [ although I've never rode on one ]i FEEL REALLY BAD FOR YOUR MOM. I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR BABIES AND ELDERS [OLDER THAN ME ] NOBODY BETTER BE RUDE TO THEM IN FRONT OF ME.

  8. Judy - Thanks - I wish you could, too. I have the same soft spot (for children, elders and animals). It was lucky for the driver that I didn't witness it.

  9. Do people have no shame?! Who in their right mind could sit there when someone is struggling!?! Particularly an elder couple! I would have been TICKED! To put it politely. Did you call the cab company? I would. They would rue the day they ever came in touch with me. Is there a service nearby for older folks? Around here we have a mini bus (nice one too) that goes around our county helping seniors out. Gosh that makes me mad!

    Well I am glad you got some sleep and the pack moved on. Also glad you got your fence up without and Zzzzt!

  10. I hope you do get the name of the cab company and tell them what you think. If nothing else, you'd think they would be liable if someone hurt themselves while trying to get in or out of one of their vehicles.

    Otherwise - sleep well!!

  11. Thanks for the blog link, I'm interested!

    I really got mad reading about that taxi driver. Where in the world has common courtesy gone to anyway? I agree that perhaps a call to the cab company is in order.

  12. I feel really badly for your parents, it seems there is a whole generation out there, or large parts of, that have ZERO in the way of just plain old manners, this gets me steamed....

    The other day, we were walking into Toys R Us to get a birthday gift, and an older woman was walking in with what looked to be about a 10 year old grandson, she tripped and fell down hard. I shoved my purse into my kids hands and hubby and I immediately ran over to help, while about 15 other people in the parking lot just kept walking into the store, purposefully NOT looking our direction, and they had kids with them! The lady was okay, but obviously very embarrassed, I felt really bad for her, but I can't imagine not helping out - what kind of horrible example would that set for my kids if I would have just walked past her???

    Glad you are getting some sleep at night!