Thursday, September 29, 2011

Same Old Same Old.

View from the barn this morning.
Another day in paradise.  The only thing different from THIS rainy morning was the added excitement of a thunderstorm.   Cookie is glued to his little storm nook and Bernie is in her crate, panting up a storm of her own.

This morning also found Acacia stuck again, in the same place.  I was going to dub her the stupid lamb, but then I figured I was just as stupid for leaving the access there, thinking that she'd learned her lesson.  It is now blocked.  I did find out that the hot wire I ran is hot.  Zzzzzt!  When Flora came out of the hoop house, she came out with a limp - in her right front leg.  Sigh.  I am wondering if these injuries are being caused because the ground is so very wet and soggy and uneven now.  I put their hay in the hoop houses, with the hope that Flora will be able to just stay in there and not move around.  These various injuries seem to heal fast with rest. 

I was going to take pictures of the new and improved goat area this morning.  The picture above is about as good as it's going to get today.  I finally got the timer going in the barn, so there will be light in the evening for the little stinkers.  And the big stinker who has to find her way out there to close them up in the evening.

My thoughts this morning are for the people south of us who have been getting inundated with inches of rain - on top of all the damage done by two tropical storms and a very wet summer, too.  I pray that they are safe and that this latest deluge doesn't add too much to their troubles.  I sure wish I could send it to Texas and Oklahoma where it's needed.

Fall camouflage.
With the gloomy morning and fallen leaves, I was taken with how well some of the hens (and little Puff, the duck) blended in with their environment.  The Welsummers, Goldie Hawn and Veronica Lake, the Spotted Sussex, Dorothy Gale, and little Puff should be safe from hawks.  Big Daddy Kees was tucked dryly in the coop.  My oldest hen, Lucy, is having a tough time of it.  She seems to be headed downhill.  If I remember correctly, she would be about 7 years old, maybe 8.  That's a long life for a hen, but it's hard to see her on her way out.  She has moments of perkiness, but they are becoming few and far between.  Getting old is hell.  On that dreary note, I am off for my fourth cup of coffee. 


  1. I just got totally soaked on my morning hike. Would have continued had it not been for the thunderstorm.

  2. Oh my, did you get pounded too? We had sirens and stuff and I had the kids herded into the bathroom during the tornado warning last night. Loch started crying when I told him to bring his shoes in the bathroom and said "why do I need shoes?" and I told him that he'd be fine because after the house was ripped to shreds and the storm passed, he'd be glad he had shoes on.... then he cried some more LOL.... maybe not a great mommy moment for me :)

    The rain must leave. It must! Several more inches last night, ugh! I hope you enjoy that coffee and a nice dry front blows in this afternoon!

  3. Rain is good but not when it's overdone. Here's hoping for some sunshine for you and the critters!! :)

  4. Susan, I'm facing the same thing with my last surviving's sad and I wish it would hurry up. She's been a pip all these 5 years...

    Still not much rain here, but we can wait.

  5. those are some zinger names for your darlings.I love veronica lake and she is actually older than myself. my husband loves old shows . last week he said "which new show should we watch,Gunsmoke?" I said"thats not new" he said" its a 1974 and its its in COLOR"ohgodgivemeabreakplease.So,we watched Gunsmoke after Wagontrain. Jerry is the same age as I am or I am not 61 yet [this month tho] and poor lock over at Erin's-you know I can't stand it when a baby cries [ oh Erin,i know he's not a baby ] stay dry mommies [ of animals and children]

  6. Sylvie - We were halfway to the farm on our morning walk when the thunder started. Needless to say, it was about-face and we hot-footed it back, Bernie leading the way.

    Erin - Egads! No, we didn't have that kind of storm! Poor Loch. It's good to let them know what to do in a straightforward way, though. You need to have your wits about you (and your shoes on) in the aftermath of a tornado. Glad you're all okay, though.

    Candy - We are all sogged-out and tired of it. This latest round is supposed to usher in a cold front and more seasonal temps. At least it will be the end of the mosquitoes. I hope.

  7. Akannie - It's hard, isn't it? Who would have guessed that I would get so attached to a chicken. Lucy's a Rhodie, too. And has always had a sweet disposition, which has made her extra lovable.

    Judy - I love naming chickens. It can be as wild as your imagination - they don't care! Gunsmoke a "new" show? LOL! At least the shows were good back then. I haven't watch television for ten years and don't miss it one iota.

  8. You, my girlie-girl, need some sunshine to dry you out! I'll see what I can do about sending some your way. We have sun this morning but also winds 45-50 miles per hour! I'm not going to set up outside to put the last coat of poly on the cabinet doors because I'm actually afraid they would get blown off the sawhorses!

    Erin, that might not have been a stellar mommy moment last night, but during any real emergency I want to be with you! ;o]

  9. Mama Pea - I DO need some sunshine. Lots of it, please. I wouldn't even mind some good, breezy weather with it, as that is the best clothes drying weather. Good idea on holding off the poly coating - if they did stay on the sawhorses, you might be polying a whole lot more than wood: leaves, dirt, grasshoppers.

  10. Susan, Susan...please turn the power off.

    HA!!! Actually, I look forward to your Zap tales! teeehehee