Sunday, September 25, 2011


That's what I am.  And, if it's not a word, it oughta be.  I realized yesterday that I started in New York (the Vampire State), drove to Massachusetts to the farmers market and to get chicken feed, then back to New York to drop it off, then to Up-Upstate New York to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, then to Vermont to make a drop-off to Goodwill and to see my parents, then back to New York.  A little over 150 miles!  And, while I don't usually put that many miles on my car on the weekend, I am usually in three states.  Cool!

It was (oh, surprise) another rainy, drizzly day, but it did clear up slightly towards the end.  But, other than the fall colors coming and leaves dropping (and chickens moulting), you'd think it was August.  Warm and sticky.  I picked up some beautiful eggplant at the farmers market, along with cilantro, shallots, kale and a lovely big chrysanthemum for Marianne's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIANNE), then picked up poultry feed, which has gone up in price again!  After dropping the vegetables off at home, I picked up my next round of drop-offs and headed up to the SoAd Fiber Fest.

I like this festival, because it's only three years old, it's growing nicely and Kay and Melanie both have booths there.  I also got to meet M's mom, which was very nice.  She designs and makes beautiful jewelry. 

Melanie and her mom.  If you think my camera shots are shaky,
just check the focus on phone shots!

These guys were playing at the festival - The Widgets.  They were great!

Then it was off to Marianne's to drop off her mum and then to Vermont for Goodwill stop and to see the folks.  Although it was a gloomy vista, it is also amazingly beautiful in this area.  I stopped to take a picture of the view - there were better vistas, but the roads snake around and there is no shoulder at the side of the road to speak of.  I didn't want to get clipped so I waited for a better spot to pull over.

On the way to Marianne's.
Then it was back home to get chores done and head out to Sylvie's for dinner.  I have some things to check of "the list" today, so I had better get at it!

I'll leave you with two odd-ball pictures:

It felt like this day in August (without the sun) - taken at Tanglewood
this summer.
My favorite view of Scrappy.

Resource: For out-of-area folks, find travel promotional codes and enjoy New England farmers markets.


  1. I sure wish I lived closer, many a day I just want to escape the kids and leave them with daddy and DRIVE... but I always feel guilty about driving around wasting gas LOL... now if I had a friend and a FIBER festival to cruise to, well, that's even MORE $$, but so worth it LOL!!!

  2. You live in a great area for the kind of day you spent yesterday. I can drive 150 miles and not even GET to a good sized city let alone a place that might have a fiber festival! Any day you wanna pick up Erin for the stimulating cavorting, I wanna go, too!

    Scrappy looks ready to take a header off the couch. Somebody push that pup back a little!

  3. Erin and Mama Pea - I figure I am smack-dab at the midpoint for the both of you. So just pack an overnighter and head down/up! More fiber fests to come!

  4. Even with all the driving it sounds like you had a fun day!

  5. you gals are so funny.I'm glad you had a good time,its about time too! was scabby lonely or did you bring him with for company

  6. I finally got to see a pic of my twin sis!!!

    The only state outside my own Oregon that I can get to by driving 150 miles is WA - one of the BIG differences between the Northwest and the Northeast!

  7. Candy - It was fun. It makes for a very full day.

    Judy - It was great to see all that yarn! I didn't take Scrappy - although he loves to ride in the car. I don't think he would have been much help in the sheep herding arena...

    Michelle - I knew you'd love it! I had to agree to stand far back, but you can still make out her cuteness. The Northwest sounds so beautiful. I'm just in a funny part of NYS.

  8. I really do hope you made that word up...I really had to pronounce it out and that scares me!!

    We saw alot of spinners/woolers/weavers or ya know something like that (?) at the MENFair last week! And young girls doing it even! Made me think of you!