Monday, September 12, 2011

So, How'd I do?

There is nothing like a weekend with no rain and a big list to get me going! 
Coop - Yep, it only took two days and four hours.  It's gawjus.
Clean up chicken yard - Nope.  Figured I can do this over the course of the week.
Clean out car - Got started
Drive-in fence posts for goat area - Got one in and hit rock.
Start to clean up garden - Two beds down, one started and two and a half to go.
Set up fence for sheep - Check!

Clean house - Shirley, you jest!
Brush dogs/pedicures - Nope - but I thought about it.  Does that count?
Can tomatoes - One batch down, six to go.
Dispatch the rest of the zucchini - One batch of zucchini relish, had some for dinner last night, some for breakfast this morning, one went to the chickens and I STILL have a lot.  I picked off any small edible-sized squash and got about 15 from the zucchini and summer squash plants.  There were more than ten tiny ones still on the single vines.  Good grief - superscaryplants!
Can duck broth - Three quarts of duck broth frozen
Chicken broth - Three quarts of chicken broth frozen

Work on Etsy project - I am making progress!
Laundry - Four loads washed and hung on the line
Ironing - Hahahahaha
Visit parents - Nice visit and lunch
Deliver milk to M's pigs - Managed to remember it this time!
Farmers Market for nice visit with M and M - Completely threw Melanie, as it wasn't on the list!

Choose giveaway winners! - Yowsa! (See previous post)

No DSL still.  I am now extremely unhappy and will start to nag.  When I got home on Saturday from my errand run, I geared up for the coop cleaning (face mask, heavy gloves, flare in case I couldn't find my way out...) and opened the front door to find....Sage and Chicory on my front deck!  Egads!  I managed to race around in the morning and hadn't closed the gate to their pen.  Heaven only knows what they were up to, the rascals.  They must have heard my voice through the open screen door and came up to let me know they needed sustenance.  Thank goodness they followed me back to the barn!

While I was measuring out the fence post placement, I figured I'd let them out to browse while I worked. BAD IDEA.  Sage managed to jettison herself through the electronet fence in with the sheep (who were not happy for the competition) and Chicky got himself tangled up in the darn stuff, so I was out with my gloves getting zapped, Chicky untangled, trying to get Sage out and the sheep away from the downed fence.  Gak!  In the hubbub, Banyan, the moorit mouflon wether, must have been startled and hurt his leg - he couldn't put weight on it.  I got the goats back into the barn through the lure of grain in their bowls and re-hooked the fence.  Then Kay and I checked Banyan for breaks or other dire injury.  Today, after a night of resting it, he is still a little sore, but seemed much better.

I had set up a dinner last night so I would be forced to quit and come in at a reasonable hour.  But my dinner date couldn't make it, so I went outside at 10:30a and did not stop until 5:30p.  I was sure I would collapse into bed and sleep the sleep of the dead.  Ohhhh, nooooo.  A mouse is chewing something in a wall in the bedroom and the coyotes started up - which made me think of Banyan being vulnerable, which made me think of the llama, which made me think of how he is destroying my fence and I have to put an electric line on the perimeter THIS WEEKEND, etc. 

But, it was a very satisfying weekend, with a lot checked off the lists.  I have a sub-list for this week so that I'm not faced with the same daunting tasks this next weekend.  It's my mother's birthday on Sunday and we are all celebrating on Saturday, so my window of opportunity is cut in half.  I figure, if I peel and cook tomatoes every night this week, and can what I cook every morning, I should be done by Friday.  I may require a monitor next summer to keep me out of the tomato fields.  Volunteers?


  1. And out of ALL THIS, the thing that stuck in my mind was: People iron?

  2. Sue - It must have been the sheer hysteria of my remarks about ironing that stuck with you!

  3. Inquiring minds want to know why you didn't turn the fence off first and then wrestle? Zzzzzt!

    Sounds like you did darn good! Are you sure you don't have a crew hiding in your closet?

  4. APG - And just where were you when I needed the calm voice of reason??? Zzzzzt, indeed! I am a force to be reckoned with, once I get moving.

  5. Glad Banyan's better. The coyotes sounded like they were at your house. I almost called to see if your critters were all right, but figured it was so late you'd kill me.
    I stepped out my door this morning in time to see 2 port-a-potties shoot off the back of a small flatbed, land upright, and coast down the road more than the distance between my two driveways. It was quite amusing, especially since there was no other traffic going in either direction, as one sailed across lanes and ended up near the mailbox. As a FB friend commented on my post, "Sh*t happens!"

  6. Yeah I second that.... IRON????? LOL. You got plenty done! I, on the other hand.... nothing.... it's HAILING now here LOL!

  7. My letters for posting the previous comment were "rutscor". Isn't that what bucks of all sorts are doing this time of year?

  8. Well I think you got loads done this weekend. Good for you. And I also believe a good zap now and again from the fence keeps you healthy. After all, it gives your nervous system a good jump start. At least that is what I tell myself since I get zapped at least once a week. Funny how the animals can learn not to touch it, but I cant.

  9. Okay, that settles it. You need help. I'm on my way. When I arrive will you please send a note to my husband and company letting them know where I am? (But not right away, please.) And I'm bringing my iron and ironing board. I LOVE to iron. Even though you got more done than Wonder Woman could have done with Charlie's Angels helping her, your list is still too long. Anybody else comin' with me?

  10. Apple Pie Gal pegged it. Turn off the fence, first!

    Or do I need to get you one of those buttons for the fallen who can't get up? We'll call it, "I've Been Farming, And I Can't Get Up!" It will be wired to ring at our house.

    (Sorry, no marginally handsome young man in a blue button down shirt to answer your call. Only me. But at least I know where the off switch is...)

  11. Kay - I would have been up! I was lying there wondering if your group was whooping and hollering back at them. Too bad you didn't have a camera! That must have been a hoot. Just hope they weren't being taken 'back' but taken 'to', if you catch my drift...

    Erin - Hail? What the heck?! Where do you live again? I tell you, it seems like another country. I think we should all move north to Minnie Soda.

    Jane - I wonder if all that zapping will help the arthritis in my hands? At least I know the fence is working!

    Mama Pea - If only! The guest room's ready and waiting! I did my ironing last night and, ssssh, I like to iron too. Don't pass that around. If I can get going in the morning and NOT stop, I can go for hours. If I stop, it's all over.

    Melanie - I LOVE it! I'll take your help over a marginally handsome young man any day. Unless you can find me a marginally handsome man of a certain age with no baggage and all his own teeth...heehee.