Friday, September 9, 2011

Off to another quiet weekend.

That means, of course, that I still don't have DSL service, so I won't get to post or comment or, sob, read your blogs! 

I woke up with a start this morning and realized it wasn't raining!  The silence was notable.  Everyone, including yours truly, was much perkier this morning.  I have been making progress with getting Sage to warm up to me.  I am now allowed to scratch her ears for a second or two, and give her a nice back scritch.  Her brother, Chickie, however, has no reservations and drapes himself across my lap for his massage therapy.

On the agenda for this weekend:

Coop - cleaning.  'Nuff said.
Clean up chicken yard
Clean out car
Drive in fence posts for goat area
Start to clean up garden (out with the zukes!)
Set up fence for sheep

Clean house
Brush dogs/pedicures
Can tomatoes
Dispatch the rest of the zucchini
Can duck broth

Work on Etsy project
Visit parents

Choose giveaway winners!

With any luck, my DSL will magically appear over the weekend.  Harumph.  Most likely, it will be Monday before I can announce the winners and fess up to how much I actually got done on my to-do lists.

Everyone have a safe, dry (or wet if you need it) weekend.


  1. Your list resembles some of my list. I bet you get more done on your list that I do.

  2. Jane - I always have more hope than hutzpah. We can compare notes on Monday!

  3. what is cut duck broth,don't tell me you have the good stuff like in Paris?also Fois Gras?

  4. We NEED a wet weekend, but that won't be happening anytime soon. Dry, dry, dry -- and hot! -- here, but I shan't complain as there are no fires or floods at my doorstep. My guys are gone for a WEEK, so I am luxuriating in the quiet, even though I have lots to do.

  5. I think getting rid of the zuchinni would be my favorite chore! I practically rejoiced when the frost got mine. Enough is enough!

    Good luck on getting back your DSL!!

  6. Judy - It's nothing fancy! I have been trying to use up frozen food that needs using and roasted a duck last weekend. I use every bit - fat/skin for the dogs, then duck meat for meals, and then I make stock with the rest.

    Michelle - Oooh - a whole week on your own? Lucky you! Enjoy!

    Sue - You bet - I have been itching to yank that baby, but I always battle with my frugal side...

  7. My dogs need pedi/pedi's too :), looks like a full weekend!

  8. I see no where that YOU get a mani/pedi? Yeah, me neither!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Ah, the wonderful list of "to do"..... never ending, is it not?? For a second, I though one item on your list said "Clean out cat".

    Kind'a made me wonder exactly how you were going to accomplish that!

  10. I feel I'm in a no-man's land right now with our company here. I'm making no lists, not stressing (too much) about not getting anything done each day. Will I be eager to get back to my gargantuan lists when company is gone, or will I now be lazy forever??

    Can I trust you to whip me back into shape? Your list for the weekend looks so much like one of mine would.