Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Since my DSL service has been down all weekend (boo!) and I actually took a lot of photographs from my weekend (yay!) - and I can't upload them - I decided to have a two-in-one giveaway instead!  Clear as mud?

Here's what's up for grabs (both gently used):

A Tasha Tudor classic and...

A great bread-baking cookbook.

Here's all you have to do to win one of these fine books - in the comment section, leave a short rhyme that relates to the book you'd like.  For example:  "Tasha Tudor couldn't be cuter".  You get the drift...

I will choose the winners Friday evening.  Providing, of course, my DSL service is back.  Now I am going to go read all the blogs I desperately missed over the weekend!  Have fun!!


  1. I love bread, it keeps us fed, I always need recipes that won't turn the loaf to lead!

  2. Okay, you asked for it! (And I want BOTH, so two poems follow.) :)

    Tasha Tudor;
    I’m her suitor.
    I wanna be her someday.

    With skills aboundin’
    She couldn’t be-more well-rounded
    In the skills and crafts
    O’ days fore and aft.

    So pick me, please;
    I’m down on my knees.
    Though I probably won’t get to reading
    ‘Til I’m as old as she’s*.

    • Yes, I know she’s passed away now!

    Bread, bread
    I’m in love with bread.
    It show from my toes to my head.

    This could be the book
    That will set the hook
    In customers giving
    MY bread a look!

  3. Well, poop! I want the Tasha Tudor book but now I'm totally embarrassed to write my lame poem since that rotten ol' Chicken Mama (who does LOVE Ms. Tudor) penned such an eloquent poem.

    Oh, okay. Here it is:

    Because she lived such a personally fulfilling life,
    A woman I strive to be like.

    (Told you it was awful. ;o\ )

  4. Ruth - That is great!

    CM - You over-achiever, you.

    Mama Pea - It was better than mine...;o}

  5. Purvis was our cat's name,
    because Tasha Tudor's was the same.

  6. Tasha Tutor had a time to keep and all that is good was hers in a beat,she whipped it up, baked it up, and best of all she ate it up.When it came time to give up on what she knew best she left her secrets to all the rest.

  7. bread is on the counter waiting to be cut,will it be enough for dinner the mother wailed in a huff,you can't begin to know if it will be ,it might be tough,but by and by I say it enough but all the while wishing for a cream puff!---ya C.M. IS THE CATS MEOW [ who can out write the poet]

  8. Well....
    "My bread is heavy as lead"
    ...that's why I need that book to be read.....

  9. Well crap, I can't compete with any of that!

    I must have been asleep cuz I've never heard of "A Time to Keep".

  10. Well heck. I've been all day trying to come up with a poem for the Tasha Tudor Book. Nothing. Today must be my dunce day. I'll try again tomorrow. :)

  11. Man, oh, man, you guys are talented! I'm glad it's going to be a random draw -- I'd hate to choose! Leigh - you MUST try again!!

  12. Random draw? And here I thought we really had to WORK for it! Although, I'm glad 'cause maybe I'll have a chance (in a random drawing) against Judy & Judy now! And I really like Sylvie's, too: simple but obviously IN THE KNOW! :)

  13. Chicken Mama - You could win on pure volume! I wasn't about to put myself under that pressure!

  14. Tasha, Tudor
    Country lady
    author, artist
    afternoon tea

    I'm late with my poem
    but at least I tried
    Maybe Susan's DSL is on the blink
    and I have a chance
    What do you think?