Friday, September 2, 2011

Marketing Genius - The Oxymoron.

Yes, folks, this is what I would buy for my dog - a replica of a protected wildlife species so that they could chew the heck out of it.  What were they thinking?  Doesn't this fly in the face of reasonable thinking?  How about a "Government Representative" chew toy?  You could pick a senator or a house representative.  GOP or DEM.  Now THAT I could buy into!


  1. Susan, Sergeant's teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation in an effort to protect endangered wildlife. There is a series of different toy animals including the Green Sea Turtle, bison, and polar bear to name a few. A certain amount of each toy sold goes to the NWF.


  2. Spiderjohn - While I think NWF is a very worthwhile cause, I still find irony in having an endangered species as a chew toy. NWF is one of the causes I support - sans chew toy.

  3. How can anybody NOT find the least bit of humor in that though! :)

  4. Hmm, see if you can market the government official idea. THAT could be fun.
    I have seen those here as well. And while I admire the commitment to NWF it does strike me as odd.

  5. Well, ya know, advertising/market geniuses have to keep coming up with something new to peddle. Sorry, NWF, but this was a stoopid idea.

  6. I always thought any of those stuffed toys were a bad example. I saw a skunk stuffed toy once. Really? Who puts that out, the people who make the skunk dog wash?