Friday, October 19, 2018

Traditions, impulses and high drama.

I was thoroughly enjoying Jenn's post about her family's tradition (read it here), when I remembered a tradition that was employed by me, my ex and two of our friends.  This would be, oh, four lifetimes ago.  I had been talked into going to a bowling party with my ex and a couple who were total party animals.   **Aside here - I am and always have been, totally, completely and breathtakingly uncoordinated **  After a couple of adult beverages for courage, I threw caution to the wind and the bowling ball in the gutter every.single.time.  In honor of this all-time low score for an adult in this particular bowling alley, I won a bottle of Cold Duck.  What is Cold Duck?  Something fizzy, alcoholic and gawd-awful sweet.  I accepted the award with aplomb, if I do say so myself, and trotted home with my prize.  I then conspired to 'regift' it to this couple (who had needled me unmercifully) at the earliest opportunity.  Therein started a tradition where, every time we visited each other's home, we secreted the bottle like buried treasure.  It got so bad that we would frisk each other before entry.  I remember one more spectacular evening when I tied a cord around the neck of the bottle, hung it outside of their first floor bathroom window, guilelessly entered their front door 'clean', and retrieved it after an appropriate period of time.  It took weeks for them to recover from finding it bobbing in their bathtub.  If I remember right, it was broken during one more adventurous episode and the tradition came to an end.  As a matter of fact, so did my marriage and the friendship, but that was completely unrelated.  I think.

I am a totally impulsive person.  While this was rather adorable when I was a tot, it became less adorable as I got older and was no end of trouble through my teens and twenties.  As I have gotten older, I am both impulsive and afflicted with AAAD.  (Acquired Adult Attention Disorder.  If this is not a thing, it is now.)


I couldn't resist.
My justification - there is always justification - is that I am hosting a family Halloweenish party and it will add un petit quelquechose, a little something to the occasion.  AND it can shine during Cinco de Mayo!  AND I love the color orange!  AND it's a plant!

The Butter Pat was trundled, once again, to the vet for a further shortening of his talons.  I disguised a sedative in his special cheese, then schlepped up the half-hour to the vet.  I'm sure I have mentioned this ad nauseum, but I love my vet - both the founder and all the young women vets.  And all the techs.  It is usually loud and boisterous when we arrive, but it was rather muted yesterday.  I handed off the slightly limp and fleece-jacketed form of the Pat to Dr. Cici and Nancy the Tech and waited in the lobby for the ensuing screams.  Luckily, there was only one half-hearted scream and that was all drama.  This also allows me to act like a complete nut job with any and all waiting patients and their patient parents.  When Dr. Cici and Dr. Hannah and Nancy came out with Mr. Drama, they thanked me for bringing him because they love him and he was just what they needed.  They had had an emergency that didn't turn out well and they were all feeling the pain and sadness.  Then they didn't charge me.  I took Mr. Happy home, wrapped him in more fleece and let him sleep it off.

Monday, October 15, 2018

All that's missing is the hot tub.

I had planned on putting last weekend aside as an All Work Weekend - with no family or other interruptions.  Then my sister asked me to go with her to New Hampshire on Saturday.  This is doable, but it is an all day affair.  I could not say no.  For, not only will I do anything she wants, she is great company and it was my last chance to see three of my very favorite people.
My nephew, his partner and the cutest boy on Earth.
Soon on their way to NC.  We will miss them
something awful.
Instead, I took Friday off and spent most of the day putting the finishing touches on the Super Duper Deluxe Quail Condo.  All it's missing is a hot tub in every room.  It even comes with room service...

Predator proof, draft proof, winter proof
(I hope)

Matching rooms with matching
It is now reinforced on both sides (back to come - I couldn't get my drill back there) and has removable Plexiglas panels to let in light and keep out wind.  They seem to be very comfortable - we've had low 30s two nights in a row.  This coming weekend, they will be moved to their winter headquarters in the shed, and I will have to work out a new routine.  Our routine is always being tweaked.  If all goes well, they should start laying eggs next month.  Which would be a nice change, since both the chickens and ducks have apparently gone on strike.

I'm also trying to get all my artwork up on the walls where I can appreciate it.  I made a small stride, with the hanging of my youngest sister's portrait of a friend.
It's (obviously) the picture on the lower
right.  I think you can biggify to see it better.
I have come to a compromise with my cousin's socks - because I just could NOT not add some color.
I mean, really....the color will be inside her shoe...
I will finish Sock One today and then start immediately on Sock Two.  Otherwise, it may be months.  Given the list of things to do outside this weekend, I kept cooking to something(s) simple - rice and beans and butter chicken in the Instant Pot.  That has to be my favorite comfort food of all time - there is something about the combination of spices that warms my cockles and everything else.

The garlic got planted, tomatoes (pathetic things that they were) yoinked out and the geraniums made it into pots and through the door.  We haven't quite made frost levels yet, but it was 34 degrees Sunday morning.  That meant that I could build the first fire of the season and test drive my shiny new chimney.  It was groovy, man! 

The update on my job status is ... nothing has changed.  We continue in the Twilight Zone, with no communication from HQ as to how long I will be here.  If there is one ray of sunshine to come out of this maelstrom, it is that I am a very, very lucky and blessed person when it comes to friends.  Very.  Now, all I need is a philanthropic auto mechanic...

Monday, October 8, 2018

I'm just going to wear ear plugs.

I don't know why I am always surprised to find that any project I take on, takes six times the amount of time and effort that I think it will.  Saturday was a cooking day - I had preps to do for the third round of party for my mom's birthday.  Then the rest of the day was pretty much shot.  That meant - yes, you guessed it - on Sunday morning, I threw back two extremely large pumpkin spice lattes and got to work.
There were no brownies...

My goal was to break down the above list into manageable parts.  Saturday morning, I hardboiled my eggs in my Instant Pot ( and roasted the pumpkin and a sweet potato for the dogs.  I then made my salmon cakes and put them in the fridge.  I did a few things outside and then made a waldorf salad, using Marianne's organic apples, golden raisings, fennel, and celery, with toasted pecans.  The eggs were deviled and plated, and I was all ready for the picnic.  Which was held indoors because we have been living in the clouds for the last two weeks.  And, while that sounds delightfully romantic, clouds are comprised of water.  So pffft.

Sunday morning - I slept in until 4! - I made an apple cake instead of the brownies because it came across my email and I just HAD to!
It was still dark at 5A...
It used Greek yogurt and had a center stratum of cinnamon/sugar/butter.  Since it was not for me, it was non-GF.  It made enough for the barn crew, my neighbor and I brought in the rest for the NYC crew that is coming up to work on our files.  As my farmer said, "be sure to put this on the Make Again List!"  Nuff said.

I also made another batch of easy 'bagels', GF style.  They look frighteningly white, don't they?
With my favorite TJ topping!
I then changed into working garb and tackled the quail hutch, as I was determined to Get Them Out of my laundry room.  I started on the project at 9:30 and finished at 4. 
Predator-proofed.  I hope.

Flooring above the tray.
I realized early on that I had not gotten enough 1x2 boards and could only complete one floor insert.  Can I tell you that I could give a d%&n by then?  There is nothing like working in the confines of a small dining room, using power tools and by oneself.  AND with hardware cloth.  I persevered. 

An aside here.  This quail hutch has (in my mind) gone all over the property, inside and out of numerous buildings.  Originally, I planned on putting it waaaay far away from me, mostly out of earshot, in the barn.  Then I realized it was dark and drafty.  I would have to install a window in the front of the barn.  Plan B was to move it out to the shed, next to the chickens, where they would be more protected and have the advantage of door with a window.  I went with Plan C - right outside the sliding glass door on my deck because, well, because I was completely knackered and couldn't face setting it up.  I will just wear ear plugs.
Light (sort of)!  Air!

Then I transported the little darlings out, one by one, to their new digs, only dropping one!  Thank goodness for my dollar store butterfly net.  So far, they are very quiet.  It's all new and scary.  I have to make another floor for the top level and insulate both sides and the back before winter.  I will also have to make some sort of arrangements for a stand (right now, it's on sawhorses on boards) because it needs to be high enough that I don't have to lie on the ground to get the bottom tray out.

Onward and upward!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Other things.

Since I am tired of thinking/talking/whining about the job thing, I thought I'd pop in with something totally unrelated - puny duck eggs!
Dimples must have sneezed...
And beautiful handspun yarn!
First ear warmer of the season
I did not spin this lovely stuff - an equally, if not even more lovely friend on the Left Coast sent it in a surprise package and I wanted to make something that I could wear and enjoy all winter long.

I am now working on a pair of socks for my cousin, who has very strong opinions about socks.  I have to admit that it's taking some of the fun out of the entire process, but onward and upward.  I am knitting them in a plain vanilla pattern, out of a charcoal and light grey marl-type yarn.  Those of you who have followed along for a while, know that I tend toward 'brilliant' colored socks.  I mean, if you're going to put all that work into them, shouldn't they be shouting from your feet?  I think so.

I am also wearing my little green cardigan today.  This is a big step for me because I usually knit a garment and then never wear it.  I'm not sure why.  Probably because I am the type of person who writes her grocery list in initial upper case and lower case letters, while writing her menu board in all caps.  In other words, I am a wing nut!

Speaking of toothpaste....why is it that there is nothing but mint flavored adult toothpaste?  Why?  I have found that I cannot abide mint as I get older and there's nothing worse than choking, coughing and gagging whilst you're trying to brush your teeth.  It's like trying to play the flute while you're laughing, but messier.  I finally found children's toothpaste in mango, and in strawberry.  I can happily brush for hours with that stuff.

I'll be working my tuckus off this weekend, getting the quail housing done and the little stinkers out of my laundry room this weekend.  I will also be merging the boys into the flock on Sunday.  This should be interesting.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I will catch up with you next week!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Catching the Universe Off-Guard - It Ain't Easy.

After wringing my hands over the weather forecast for the past week - the day arrived for my chimney removal and replacement with the forecast of 90% rain.  Since the chimney guys had not called to cancel or reschedule, I figured, what the heck.  Getting ready for the work entailed my having to move all my bedroom furniture from one wall to the next - they needed access through the back wall of the fireplace, which is my bedroom wall.  Giant dust bunnies were tamed and removed.  Five ton mattresses were hefted and dragged.  Furniture was shoved, pushed and (wo)manhandled.  I did draw the line at breaking down my bed frame.  It is solid golden oak, with a 7-foot headboard.  I managed to shove it far enough away from the wall to give them room to work.   I have my limits.

The dogs were corralled and given marrow bones.  When the trucks arrived, they got right to work and I will have to say they were prompt, courteous, fast, and tidy.  The sky reminded me of a sodden blanket and we were waiting for the skies to open up and rain to pour down.  They had brought a huge tarp, but I had visions of trails of mud through my living room and bedroom.  For once, the Universe was looking elsewhere.  The skies did, indeed, open up with torrential rains, but not until the deed was done and the crew gone.
The new chimney.  In all its $$ glory.
Braced and with a cricket (ice guard), the house will fall down around it before it comes apart.  While they were working, I made granola and had pear/apple butter in the slow cooker.  I may have been surrounded by chaos, but it smelled great!  While I was biding my time, I found that the battery in my phone was not holding a charge.  I'd charge it to 100%, unplug it, open an app and watch the juice run down.  Le sigh.  I did a quick Google search about problems with iPhone batteries and found that, indeed, there were a great many people with problems, prompting the threat of lawsuits which, in turn prompted Apple to offer battery replacement at about 50% of the usual cost through December of this year.  I did a quick 'chat' with Apple and found a local-ish place that had an opening at 3.  Bingo!  Out I went in the pouring rain and dropped it off.  As things are now in limbo - as in how long I will be employed - instead of spending my wait time perusing store aisles, I sat in my car, rain pounding down, and listened to my latest book on CD. 

Saturday was a day of Plan Bs.  As I ventured out to put Bunny the Hun in a cat carrier for his Date with Destiny (3 strikes and he was out), I saw the unmistakable hulking forms of sheep in my backyard.  I am still not sure how they got out.  Luckily, I was awake enough (three cups o' coffee since o'dark thirty) to NOT let the dogs out the back!  Wellies and jim jams on, I herded them back to where they belonged.  I did some clean up around the place and then headed to VT, where we were celebrating my mother's birthday for the second time (third time coming up this weekend).  Apparently, our family cannot get enough of birthdays....  As I drove out of my sister's driveway, I heard the telltale 'thump, thump' of a flat tire.  Sure enough, the right driver's side was a pancake.  As I frantically called my Midas guy, a very nice fellow drove up and asked if I wanted him to change my flat.  Why, yes I did.  I caught Vern before the last mechanic left and he agreed to wait for me.  Half an hour later, I wobbled in on the donut and, an hour later, steamed out with two new tires.  This little segue took all the remaining time out of my day, so I only had three minutes to wish Marianne bon voyage on their trip to the UK, then beelined home so I could arrive during daylight. 

This also put all the pressure to achieve the must-dos off The List to Sunday.  I am not lying if I say that I started when it was light enough to maneuver outside (6:30ish) and didn't finish until my friends arrived with the roosters, just before dinner time.  All my plans for a fancy-schmancy dinner went out the window and we ended up with a giant pan of roasted vege (everything roastable in my fridge) and steaks on the grill.  They were wonderful and helped me change the brooder bedding, moved my lemon tree indoors, consulted on the adaptation of my hutch, entertained the dogs, and were generally wonderful company.
Fritz the Frizzle (top left) and Big
Red (bottom right)

I'll get better pics when they are
out with the girls - next weekend.
At 8:30, I collapsed in my chair and was immediately covered in exhausted pups and a relieved cat.  Then I remembered that I had to at least start breaking down the bedroom. 

Monday was a trip into the Twilight Zone.  My two ex-colleagues and the new firm they have joined are subleasing part of the office.  This means they work in the front and I am enisled in the back.  Next week I put together my resume because this, to me, is like adding insult to injury.

Monday, September 24, 2018


Fact:  It is unwise to drink your coffee from your Calamity mug when assembling anything, let alone something made in China.

Fact:  It is unwise to try to hold your drill, screws, two large parts together, then decide to brace up one of those parts without divesting yourself of one of the other objects.  (Bruise on foot caused by dropping drill not pictured.  You're welcome.)

Fact:  You will regret speed shopping.

Fact:  Chefs from fancy restaurants create recipes that involve many, many pots, pans, utensils, and ingredients because they don't have to clean up after themselves. 

Fact:  Blatant Pollyannaism will come back to bite you on your butt.  Big time.

I started this weekend on a full-steam-ahead theme - if, for nothing else, to divert me from all the crap that is going on.  More on that later (see last fact).  I was going to TRY NEW THINGS.  Ergo:
Why is it my menu list is in
all capitals, while my shopping list is in
initial caps with lowercase?

Granted, the bagels are not new - they are a weekly staple - but everything else was new to me.  There was a new twist on the bagels, however.  Whilst going through the supermarket a just under the speed of light - having to squeeze it in between leaving home and arriving a work on time - I failed to notice that I had plucked vanilla flavored Greek yogurt from the plain yogurt slot because, you know, it was too much trouble for the previous shopper to put it back where it came from.  I did manage to squeeze out almost enough from my own yogurt, but had to make up the difference by about a third of a cup.  You could tell.

I had picked up a used cookbook entitled "The Greens", thinking it was a cookbook about GREENS - kale, chard, spinach.  When I finally cracked it open, I realized it was about a vegetarian restaurant of some renown (not renown to me, however).  There were quite a few recipes that piqued my interest, so I pulled up my BGPs and forged ahead.  After about 10 minutes, it became clear that, while obviously a talented cook, he was not one to take any shortcuts.  No pan should remain clean, no cooking utensil unused.  Gritting my teeth, I decided to inject myself into the recipe, so shortcuts were used (didn't have two days to soak and cook beans in a "special' broth) and I will say that everything I made was tasty.  But I was washing dishes almost the whole weekend.
Eggplant gratin - with canned white
beans (mine), not bathed in special
I did not take a picture of the spiced potatoes, but they were/are fab!  I served them over sautéed garlic kale and felt absolutely virtuous.

The pear crisp came about out of self-defense.  My pear tree, sweet old girl, is absolutely covered in pears!  This is the first time in 13 years under my limited care that she has produced more than four pears.  We got a good, hard wind a couple of times last week, and there were quite a bit of them scattered about.  I did a little research and found a promising recipe for gluten free pear crisp.  It was/is delicious!

If you have been keeping track, you will notice that there is no mention of the Pumpkin Scones.  There is a reason for that - I still have to make pumpkin SCONES.  What I made was Irish Pumpkin Soda Bread Scones.  Sigh.  After slipping them into the oven, I started to put away the ingredients and found - to my horror - that I had made them with 2.5 teaspoons of baking SODA, not the baking powder required.  I baked them - they were quite puffy...snort -- and cooled them and added the maple glaze.  Then I trotted them to the barn and confessed.  They were all eaten, which is a reminder that I should not try and pat myself on my back for my baking prowess, as these guys will eat anything with a glaze on it.

Clear as mud
I managed to find an adaptable (let's hope) rabbit hutch kit that should suffice for the quail over the winter and through the summer - I don't have hopes for much more.  But it was affordable, I had a coupon and a gift card that reduced the price even more.   At first I was pleasantly surprised - all the hardware was present and in separate packets and there weren't a million steps.  This can be both a good thing, and a bad thing.  What started out well, quickly went downhill.  I admit that at least half of the blame is my lack of patience and focus.  Ergo, the bruised foot. (See Fact 1 and 2).  I should have picked a more positive coffee mug...
but, but... I love it!
I took the assembly as far as it made sense and then stopped before even more calamities befell me.  I am switching out roosters (Mr. Bunny has attacked me once too often) with my friends of the very handy persuasion and they are going to come to my aid this next weekend.  This is where it stands (besides in my living room):
The Butter Pat (aka Peanut) continues to prove that the smaller they are, the more expensive they are.  We celebrated his 4th birthday on Saturday with me shelling out $70+ more on new meds.  He is, as we say where I'm from, a hot mess.  The good news is that his back is healing, which has him all fired up (good/bad).   His allergies came roaring back a mere two weeks after his allergy shot.  To hold us over until his follow-up appointment (in which I have - strongly - requested we start looking at WHAT is causing his allergies, as opposed to throwing meds at him), he's on prednisone for five days.  I feel infinitely sorry for him, locked in his crate 90% of the day, so we have been sharing the chair in the morning from 3-6, when I start the morning chores.  This has thrown Slimmie for a loop, as he is Mr. Velcro when I am sitting.  I've promised him evenings.  Kids.

On a bright note, I hung my stained glass sun in the window - it makes me smile every time I look at it - even at night!

Now, for the Pollyannaism reference.  As you all know from following me these..eight years...good grief...I tend toward the positive at all times.  No matter what.  I have found that it has served me well because you feel a whole lot better if you take the time to find the positive in any dire situation.  I had been reflecting, not so long ago, at how lucky I was to be working with the two other people in my office because we were all low-key and had formed a little tribe.  Well, I was wrong.  In a big way.  The day after Labor Day, I was informed by the head of this little tribe that she had quit and was taking #2 tribe member with her.  In other words, I had been kicked to the curb.  After 20 years in this job (through two mergers and countless idiots), the end is near.  The prospect of having to work up a resume, schlep my sorry ass out to interviews, where I would have to convince people that, even though I had a plan to retire in two years, I would be worth the investment.  To make things even more angsty (if that is not a word, it should be), this is what I've heard from HQ *insert crickets* so I have no idea when, where or what.  I am like my dogs - I need the sturdy underpinnings of routine to make my world right. 
It seems, however, that this Pollyannaism has become an integral part of my DNA.  I keep interjecting moments of pure, happy power that a CHANGE IS COMING, HURRAY!!!  This tends to dip into hand-wringing.  So, fasten your seatbelts.  I am.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Three days ahead of schedule

As I stood in my kitchen Saturday afternoon, listening to the frantic peep of something outside (I thought), I happened to glance down at the incubator and - a quail had hatched!  Three days ahead of schedule!  Out of the 18 eggs I received from Alchemist Farm (I can't say enough good things about them), 9 eggs have hatched as of this morning.  Two more have pipped, so there may be more.

One seems to have a problem with splayed legs, but the rest are thriving.  I had forgotten how fast they move!  The only safe way I can move them from incubator to brooder is in a little bucket with a towel laid loosely on the top.

Hot, humid weather has revisited us (will it NEVER go away?) so not much has been done outside.  We are waiting for the arrival of the remnants of Florence tomorrow. 
Sweater #1
In my quest to get things finished, I blocked Sweater #1 - my green, lace weight cardigan that I love.  I will, however, never again knit a sweater in lace weight yarn.  Sweater #2 will be blocked tonight and then I can move onto socks - my comfort knitting.

My latest obsession
I scored some donut pans and now I am doing all thing donut.  I've made GF Vegan Pumpkin donuts (pictured above) and Apple Cider donuts (not pictured but almost identical looking to the GFVPs).  I give the GFVPs a solid "meh".  They are way too 'wet', if you know what I mean.  The Apple Cider donuts were given to the barn crew and disappeared in about a nanosecond.  I did not coat them with more sugar, as they had plenty of sugar in the mix.  Next week, it's chocolate donuts!  Whee!

Looking ahead at the weather forecast, our hot weather is finally going elsewhere and I have to start thinking about moving tender perennials inside.  My sister gave me a beautiful mandevilla that needs to be over-wintered inside

and I still have to decide whether or not I will be overwintering my geraniums for another winter.  Frugal me says, yes.  It's going to be a little crowded with everyone jammed in - there's the lemon tree and the fig tree, too.  We'll be nice and cozy...

Speaking of cozy, Slimmie has reached maximum relaxed mode...