Thursday, January 27, 2022

The end of an era.


The moment he realized he had been

Linden left for his new home last Tuesday morning.  My shearer, Joe, came with his gooseneck trailer and loaded up the remaining hay and my boy.  Linden, sweet as he is, does not cooperate.  So, I had a big pan of "Waldorf" salad (chopped apple with some romaine lettuce) to lead him down the right path.  He would plant his butt, then I would waggle the bowl under his nose, we would go a few more yards.  Rinse, repeat.  We finally got him loaded, all cozy with the 80 bales of hay, and off he went.  I stood by the barn and bawled for twenty minutes.  Everything seems so quiet and empty now.  I realized that this is the first time in almost 14 years that there has not been a sheep on this place.  I am consoled by the vision of Linden tucked in a barn, cozied up with his new flock.

It's a good thing, too.  We have had Arctic temps both day and night.  I can't believe I feel like celebrating when the thermometer shows double digits above zero.  There is ice everywhere and I finally cleared out the carport so that I can tuck my car under cover.  We've had high winds, rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow.  I have brought out all my seeds and am in the process of sorting through them.  Now that I have over an acre and a half of fenced in ground, I might attempt winter squash this year.

I've finished a pair of socks, knitted a few more catnip mice, and have started on a glorious alpaca yarn cowl for my sister.  

I'm trying to emulate my friend, Sam, and get myself whipped into gear to finish a few of the hundreds of projects in various stages of completion (or not).  Then there is the stack of books that I need to crack open. 

With this gloomy winter weather so far, it's nice to know there are bright spots waiting in the wings.


Saturday, January 8, 2022

I seem to be afflicted with AAOCKD.

 (Or more commonly known as ACK!)

Yes, I'm afraid it's true.  As the earth completes another go-around of the sun and I inch (if only) towards decrepitude, I have found that I am afflicted with Advanced Age Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder.  I'm sure you already knew that, but I am slow on the upswing.

I stumbled upon a pattern for a catnip mouse toy and....have made about 20.  I even tried to refocus by starting on a pair of socks.  I made it to the heel, then knit two more cat toys.  Good gawd.  I will say they are Slimmie and Sadie Mae approved (a friend's lovely cat), so it's easy to justify the knitting of them.  Unfortunately, I only have one cat and I have made them for every cat I know.  If you all have a cat that is partial to catnip, send me an email.  I will be obsessing on these for a while.  Until the next shiny object comes along.

Winter was rather late in arriving, but it's making up for lost time.  We have had rain and fog, now snow and ice.  There have been some spectacular sunsets (no filters, honestly.)

This morning, I have watched the temperature fall from 6 degrees F, to - presently - 1 degree F.  They are predicting freezing rain tomorrow, which is just peachy, as I have to drive to the city to pick up a friend at the airport and then transport her to VT.  It's a good thing I learned to drive on the south shore of Lake Erie.  I am fairly adept at wintering on the road.

I am embracing the cold with a song in my heart because....

Is this not the most beautiful lap blanket EVER???  I tell you, besides the outstanding skill of the creator of this gem, the colors are fabulous.  I dare you to not have your spirits lifted at the mere sight of it!  Sam, you are such a dear.  I love it to death and refuse to share it with any of the kids.

Some randomness from the past few weeks:

Linden is going to his new home (fingers crossed) early Tuesday morning.  The fellow that shears my sheep is going to foster him with his little flock until he either finds a new home or passes to the rainbow fields.  I am so happy for him.  And it will be way better for his waistline, as I have been doling out a steady supply of guilt grahams.

The kids got some fantastic gifties from their Auntie C.  Peanut got quite possessive with the stuffie skunk and I had to pull out the back-up skunk to keep peace on the homestead.

ALL the toys are HIS

I cleaned out and organized the freezer in my fridge.

I rediscovered carrot rice.

2022 is gearing up to be a highly exciting year.  Snort.