Saturday, July 8, 2023

The fizz has gone flat.

 I, apparently, have lost my fizz.  After numerous attempts to rekindle the blog, I'm throwing in the BGPs.  Will I get my fizz back?  Let's hope so.  Much self-analysis has been going on behind the scenes, with topics such as:  living someone else's life, living with ghosts, total deviation from my life plan, days filled with vet visits and repairs to the family home.  I have even considered (and am still considering) hiring a shaman to intone through the house bearing bunches of burning sage.  None of this has helped with the writer's block.

So, my little dumplings, I am going to officially put the blog on hold (instead of taking the coward's approach by ignoring it) until such time that I am refizzed.

Sweezie xoxo