Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I may never visit Webs again.

Kay and I set off last Saturday morning (has it really been over a week ago??) for Whately, MA, where we met our friend, Linda (and saw her lovely, beautifully decorated house - how does she do it, working full time with two dogs and a cat?  It's not fair to the rest of us), then had a wonderful lunch at Sylvester's in Northampton.  Then...Webs.

I did all the right things - made a list, had a budget, had a few projects in mind.  I walked through the door.  List?  Budget?  Wazzat?  If any reasonable portion of my brain had been functioning, I would have chosen the little shopping basket instead of the full-sized grocery cart.  My rationalization was that I needed someplace to put my coat and purse while I looked around.  Of course, Webs is crafty - in all definitions of the word.  Their carts were in the warehouse.  Once I walked through that door, all was lost.  In my own defense, I did pick up and put down at least as much as I picked up and put in my cart.  That should have given me cause to pause.   But, but, NORO was everywhere and on sale!!!

I didn't take pictures because my eyes were rolling back in my head and sparks were flying from my fingertips.  And I forgot my camera.  Seriously, Webs is a mecca for all things spinning, weaving and knitting.  It is a glorious riot of colors and textures.  You can find almost anything you desire there, and yarn you didn't even know you desired.  It was a great trip.  I will never go again.  For at least a month.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

What fun! I can't wait to see what you make with it all.

Mama Pea said...

You have my total permission to have done what you did. Who cares if you don't have any money for groceries for the next month? Fast a couple of days a week and you'll never even miss the lack of food. I don't know a knitter in the world who would have passed up all that lovely, luscious, gorgeous stuff you brought home. I would have done the same. And I'm not even knitting that much right now. I want so badly to get my hands on some of that yarn pictured and just F-E-E-E-E-L it!

Erin said...

Fiber - Budget - GROCERY cart...... bahahahahahaha! I feel your pain! When Mama Pea took me to here "secret yarn-barn" I bought so much that I felt like a teenager sneaking back into the house with my stash :)

Susan said...

Jane - I have been knitting away! The first hat did not fit right so it went into my volunteer knitter box. The second hat turned out great and I will post a picture.

Mama Pea - Thank you! I will cut my monthly budget to $15 after this splurge. But, boy it was fun!

Erin - Yes, there are some places that 'we' into which we should never venture...