Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meet "X" and "X".

I need help!  I had already decided on names for the two adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats that arrived on Saturday and then...they arrived.  And the names just don't fit.  The wether, the sweetest (and loudest) thing this side of honey, is cuddly.  The doeling, of course, will have nothing to do with me.  Does it seem that these things always turn out cockeyed?  She is the one I will be working with (as in milking) and she is the tough nut.  (Please excuse the bright green markings - they got their ears tattooed and the wether took issue with it - ergo, he is liberally sprinkled with fluorescent green dye.)

Noise and wariness is warranted, as they were ripped out of their birth home, the only familiar place they have known (he was born in January and she in April), placed in a dog crate in the back of my car, were driven through a monsoon complete with thunder and lightning, then transported across my bumpy yard to the alien barn.  It is enough to put anyone off their feed.  The wether had collapsed in my lap by late afternoon, apparently thrilled he was not going to be killed.  She is not so convinced.

I had sectioned off a nice part of the hay barn and put up a roomy fenced in yard for them.  After being doubly careful that I had closed off any cracks they might squeeze through, I was working on the barn door when, to my shock, the doeling appeared in front of me.  On the wrong side of the barrier.  I quickly ushered her through the gate to her bellowing brother, only to find her staring at me five minutes later.  She had squeezed through a space at the end of one of the pallets forming the wall and popped out in the back.  Did I mention they are tiny?  I wedged my post pounder in the hole and that seems to have worked for now.

They need names.  I cannot keep calling them the "Goaties".  And I know y'all are endlessly creative, sensitive, smart, and funny.  So put your name choices in your comments and I will choose their names by the the weekend.


Erin said...

I'm in love with the dark brown/black one! The white one looks so sweet LOL, and I've always been a sucker for the more mischievious looking ones! I'm definitely thinking "Jetson" or "Juniper" for the dark one, but maybe those don't sound too female. Maybe Judy Jetson? LOL

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I am no good with naming, but they are cute!!

judy said...

So that was the big surprise! you you can't call him "Billy" from "3 Billy Goat Gruff s "it would be something fun to think on-but I'm not very creative-look what I named my sons Dan and John.

Sylvie said...

Vern and Fern?
I was trying to come up with something related to the green, but your couldn't do "Verdant" so I thought Vern and Fern.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well, I think you named the one yourself actually!

Honey! And since you have an escape artist you could go with Houdini.

Honey and Houdini :o)

mtnchild said...

My friends always named their goats for the month they were born in, so how 'bout Janus for the buckling, and Asta or Aster for the little girl?

All the above names are good choices too, so you will have to think real hard ... LOL

Michelle said...

Honey seems too feminine, but when I was looking at his photo and thinking about him being noisy, "Homer" came to mind. The doe could be "Hester" (from The Scarlet Letter) because after all, she eventually WILL have a child out of wedlock if she is to be a milker! ;-)

Mama Pea said...

We named many of our does after herbs and/or spices. Nutmeg (Nutty, of course), Cinnamon, Ginger, Chamomile (Cammy), our neighbors had a doe named Tansy. How 'bout Lovage (Lovey), Coriander (Cori), Caraway (Cara), Dandelion (Dandy), Dill Weed (Dilly), Nasturtium (Nasty), or Angelica (Angie). Our most lovable buck was Barley, which I thought was a fantastic name for a goat buck! Other buck names I had on my list were Parsley, Basil, Chives (sounds kinda like Jeeves, very English!), or Mugwort (which sounds like something out of Harry Potter).

What fun to name them! The possibilities are endless.

Leigh said...

They are so cute! Not much help on the names here, a lot of our critters never get them. Or if they do, it's after weeks and their personalities begin to show. I can relate to "tiny". We had a terrible time keeping our Pygmy buckling in at first. He squeezed under every gate! Oh, and I was just reading about doelings, that many of them are patoots-in-the-rear until after they first freshen. Seems kidding does a complete personality overhaul on them. I can attest to that with one of our does.

How about "Snow" and "Thunder"

Susan said...

Cripes! This is not going to be easy!! I am making inroads (thanks to a healthy dose of molasses in their morning grain) and plan on spending some quality time with them this weekend. Leigh, I hope you're right with with doeling.

Mama Pea said...

In a week all will be well. The two new little noisy additions will be settled in and happy. I think the little doe will take to you and you'll forget what pains in the patoot both of them were being!