Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Ode to Tattlers

I wax poetic about my wished-for lids - and you can all blame dr momi!

I dream of Tattlers with their endless seal
I dream of them with every apple peel.
I long to end the flats I'm tossing
(and the money I am lossing)

So, Santa, hear my request
As a Good Girl, I am the best...
My Stocking (a large one) will be hung by the fire
Please fill it with Tattlers, the lids I desire.

(Blatant, but effective?  Time will tell...)


small farm girl said...

Cute! I love my Tattler Lids!

dr momi said...

LOL! May your Christmas wish come true! I received Tattler lids for Christmas last year...I love them. glad I could inspire the poetic in you :-)

Susan said...

SFG - I have heard nothing but good things about them. Glad to have that reinforced!

dr momi - If Santa doesn't hear me, I will have to gift myself! You are an inspiration!!!

Mama Pea said...

Never hurts to express your wishes! :o] (Dang, where was my head? I should have asked for some this year, too. I don't have any yet and that would have been a good choice for a present under the tree. Or in my stocking. Or, heck, right on the pantry shelf!)

Susan said...

Mama Pea - Yes! The power of positive thought - imagine them on your pantry shelf, and voila! Well, anyway, a little positive thinking never hurt anyone, right?

Unknown said...

I must live under ah cabbage...I didn't know tattlers was some sortah canning lid. Ya well ;=/

Sue said...

Hope the "ode" works for you. Sometimes we have to resort to begging, pleading, or just bad poetry! Merry Christmas! And good luck!

Erin said...

I'm thinking that I may have to make the leap this summer to the Tattlers! I hope Santa puts some in your stocking :)

Kayten said...

Seems to me a neighbor or two of yours could be talked in to splitting a case or two if they don't materialize in your stocking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

These tattler things of which you dream
is something I have never seen!

A google search showed me their use
and I'm afraid your request I must refuse.

These tattler lids I do not have
here at the pole and in my bag.

Because, "good girl", in the north you see
we never can... we always freeze!

Sorry, Love Santa


Candy C. said...

I love your ode to the Tattlers AND Santa's (Spiderjohn) reply!! LOL!!

Susan said...

Nancy - Yes, the best invention since the cordless driver/driller!

Sue - And some of us are worse poets than others...

Erin - I am thinking the same thing. I can a lot and it is such a waste to toss the flats. Although, truth be told, I use my old ones for other things when I can.

Kayten - Hmmmm. I am a neighbor! That's a thought...

Spiderjohn - Well, I hope Santa is NOT reading this! Wonderful poem - you are a natural talent.

Candy - Riot!!!

Ngo Family Farm said...

:D What a jolly post!

MaineCelt said...

Tattlers have I? I do not,
But I have SOMEthing you have sought...
A wee felt doll will wend its way,
but my address-list has gone astray!
Please e-mail it to the place below,
for a Pay-It-Forward Ho-ho-ho!

--Mainecelt "at"