Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Walk Through the Garden. Virtually.

Chard bed - Pac Choy has gone to flower on left. 
Germination stunk on far end.

Eggplant (center of peas/beans).

Garlic bed - looking dry!

Golden Peas - pretty, but not prolific.

Green beans

My exotic fruit - Meyer Lemon tree!

Onion bed

Carrots to left.  Or so they should be.  Out
of two, six foot rows, I have about 13 carrots.

The Taters!

From l-r, Lemon Verbena, Chives, Calendula, Mint, Catnip.

Squash bed is struggling along.  I water it every night and it's
evaporated in minutes.

The Tomato/Cuke/Pepper Bed - it's a little cramped.
I call it "Square Inch Gardening". 

Cukes, the Square Inch Method.
Okay, it's not necessarily a 'walk through the garden'.  That would connotate order, not chaos.  It's more of a frenetic race around the garden, but you can get the picture, right?  One of these days, I may even a) have my camera; b) the batteries will be working; c) it won't be 95 degrees with an equal level of humidity; and d) I'll remember to take pictures in order!

Now, back to the goat barn before I wimp out....


Carolyn said...

Paul hates it when I implement square foot gardening; I'm going to have to tell him I have a new method - square INCH gardening!!

I'm envious of your eggplants; the flea beetles have eaten holes in mine so it looks like lace.

Next spring (it's always NEXT spring, isn't it???) I'm going to start my herb garden and like you, going to contain them in tires or buckets. I planted catnip and other mints in our suburban garden and I was pulling out mints for YEARS.

Erin said...

Peas in this heat? Wow! And your beans look good, mine are all burned up. I hope you get a great harvest and you get rain and some cool breezes soon!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Minus the poor germination, things really look good. You may well get a very good harvest. I am impressed that your eggplants look so healthy. They are usually swiss cheese in my garden by this time. I just quit growing them cause the bugs were the only one enjoying them.

Mama Pea said...

All of your stuff ("stuff", that's scientific terminology) looks so much farther along than mine. I can't figure out why my beans (3 different varieties) aren't doing better in this humid, very warm weather. (I know that's the very reason my peas are mad and sulking.)

Like your herbs contained in the tires . . . and they're all so lush and BIG!

Other than carrots, I'd say you're doing great!

I LOVE garden tours!

Sue said...

I LOVE pictures. Especially GARDEN pictures.
What is up with carrots this year? NO ONE is having luck with them. I bought a pack of 750 seeds. I think I have a dozen. Maybe.

Everything looks peachy-keen!
Happy gardening!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Looks good to me!

I looked at my basil this morning and something has found it tasty - the leaves have been chewed quite thoroughly. Haven't found the culprit yet but it looks like I'll be buying my basil if I want to make pesto.

Unknown said...

Looks good, I wish I had that much sunny area! I may rip out some shrubs next spring and plant 2 more fruit trees...

Sandy Livesay said...


Your garden boxes and tires are coming along really good! Most of our garden has fried with the drought. Thanks for the garden tour!

LindaCO said...

Looking good, considering the weird weather this year. I love your tire planters.

Unknown said...

I'vd just awarded your blog the "One Lovely Blog Award"! Check my website on what you can do to pass it on and share some fun info! Congrats!

SweetLand Farm said...

Your gardens look amazing!! I didn't even notice the un-organization of the pictures!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

It looks great! It's very dry here too, and my garlic looks about the same as yours.

Anonymous said...

Meyer lemons are awesome! I can't ever decide what I like better, the flowers or the fruit. Looks like you'll have a decent harvest. Good luck!

Candy C. said...

Looooking gooood!! What is up with carrots anyway? I can't get them to even germinate yet the neighbor must have 1000 in her garden! Grrr...

Ngo Family Farm said...

Pretty! Love your herb tubs/tires!