Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Musings.

I had to laugh, going through my junk mailbox - Adriana was feeling frisky.  There was help for my big booty.  There was help for other things, none of which I am equipped with.  A distant relative, for whom English is not even a second language, needed my help.  All my pharmacy needs can be met in Canada.  I was so glad to know that I would finally be able to be a hit with the girls!  Not.

Having recently stepped over the boundary of what would be the last straw in keeping Lulabelle, my car, I have been combing craigslist in search of a Suburu Forester.  A very used one, given my limited budget. Trying to find out all I can over the phone and Internet can be like pulling teeth. Or pushing string. Or, of course, my favorite - herding cats. I found one listed about an hour and a half from me. Right price range, reasonable mileage, still available. Then she said, "Well, we had a large dog so there's a little wear and tear on the inside, etc." It's the etc. that got my attention. When she finally sent pix of the damage, it was NOT insignificant. I know that a used car - especially one of such 'vintage' as my budget will allow - is not pristine. Heck, my car is far from pristine. But, really. Ripped carpeting, claw marks all over the interior. I'm still looking.

Apparently, deep fried oreos and pickles were NOT the ultimate bottom of the food chain. This year, there is deep fried meatloaf, bread pudding, olives, and....butter. Although I still think that the latter is just impossible. And they've introduced chocolate dipping sauce for the deep fried pickles. GOOD GAWD. I admit, I was a fan of funnel cake (and still get misty-eyed thinking about them) back when I could eat them. But are we going off on a rather scary tangent with this deep-fried business? This kind of thinking is what endangered rhinos, sharks, and countless other creatures.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Good thing about the internet you can get pictures before you drive an hour and half to find out it's not one you would buy.

Michelle said...

So much for featuring the agricultural crops of a state, huh? We grow the world's best berries and nuts, and you want me to eat WHAT? Yuck.

Candy C. said...

We have used Craigslist to sell a few things and I'm blown away by the spam we get from there anymore! I'm glad she sent pictures BEFORE you drove all the way there! Yikes!!
Yep, the deep-fried food craze has hit an all-time low when they are trying to deep fry butter! Blech!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Probably tougher to find a used Subaru than anything else - people who like Subarus tend to keep them forever. And I remember when I was looking for a used car it was crazy the sort of trash I kept seeing in my limited but not bottom-of-the-barrel budget. Keep looking - you'll find something eventually!