Friday, November 8, 2013

Morning rituals.

Coffee.  Knitting.  More coffee.  I am currently working on a sock - toe down on two circular needles.  I have yet to master the two-at-a-time, which I really should try.  It's a struggle to start the second one after the first is finished.  What usually happens is that I decide to knit something simple to break the monotony of the sock knitting and then get totally distracted and off on a tear of some sort. 

Coffee of the season is Pumpkin Spice with a dash of half and half.  Oh, yum!  I love this little knitting bag - it's perfect for a small project.  It was a thank you gift from my Icelandic Sheep friends for bunking them for the Big E Fiber show one year.  It was a lovely and thoughtful gift.

My sister is due in for a two-day visit and I am so looking forward to it.  I love it when my sisters visit.  Heck, I love it when ANYBODY visits... :)  Other than taking advantage of another set of hands for the Great Turkey Relocation Project, there is nothing on the agenda.  This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, given recent events.

Bernie is perking up, but continues to be challenging in the meals department.  And in the stuff the capsule down her gullet department.  That dog can clamp those jaws like nothing I've ever seen.  A crocodile has nothing on Bernice. 

Scrappy is rather enjoying Bernice's convalescing, as he gets her 'rejects'.  Terrible, tasteless things like organic chicken simmered in filtered water with a scoop of organic jasmine rice.  Sigh.


Candy C. said...

I love your sock and I'm glad Bernice is doing better! Have a fun visit with your sister and don't make her work toooo hard! :)

Sandy Livesay said...


Coffee, Knitting, and more coffee sounds like standard operating procedures to me!!!

Pumpkin Spice, YUM........perfect for this time of year.

I had the same problem with my dog not wanting to open his mouth for meds.
I had to place the meds in cream cheese to get him to take the meds.

Janice Grinyer said...

Ohhh an empty agenda is an agenda just waiting to happen!!! ;P

You are a sock master - I cannot knit and therefore im envious that you can clothe your feet. I will have to settle for buying boot socks at costco... Anyhow love the knitting bag - good friends or soon to be good friends always know what we appreciate and could use!

Its amazing how long recovery can take when they are being fed meals that you would have to pay $30+ in a restaurant for yourself... LOL

Michelle said...

I MIGHT be able to force myself to knit a second sock, but why risk it. Two-at-a-time for me.....

Ellen in Oregon said...

I am in awe of anyone who can knit & produce an actual functional piece of apparel. I don't think I was never intended to become a knitter. If I had, I would have come into this World with some eye-hand coordination. I hear that aptitude comes in handy when knitting. I'll stick to quilting. The stitches are easier to tear out than knitting stitches. If I had a lovely project bag like yours I would gladly pretend to be a knitter if that means I can carry the bag around for everyone to admire.
Why is it that pumpkin spice coffee so heavenly in the Fall & Winter, but just tastes weird in the warm months of the year. Have our taste buds decide become seasonally picky?
If you would swap the filtered water for chicken stock I would love to be invited to dine with Bernice. Her meal sounds exotic compared to the bowl of cereal I had for dinner last night. Hope she feels better soon

Leigh said...

Great post. Our morning rituals are so important for the day to go right! Mine is coffee and checking the email. Knitting would certainly be more productive! Enjoy your visit with your sister. :)

Mama Pea said...

Many mornings I do sit and check e-mail with my latte, BUT I feel so much better if I am up and doing something (getting a pie ready for the oven, doing prep for breakfast, picking up the house to start the day off right, etc.) while sipping. Gets the ol' body out of first gear and going for the day.

See if you and your sis can stay out of trouble during her visit. ;o}