Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Musings.

I was going to call this post "Tuesday Tidings", but I figured you'd be on to me - a day late and many dollars short.

Musings in no particular order:

When I pulled up to my mailbox last night, after a rather dicey commute on icy roads, it took me almost 10 minutes to extract everything in there:  two birthday cards, birthday presents from both sisters (THANK YOU - I LOVE THEM!!!), Yak Traks (dropped off by my neighbor since I couldn't find my own), a large plastic bag containing more birthday loot from my neighbors and second set of parents, a box containing a jar of home-canned pickled okra (OMG - I can't WAIT), and a cd of Handel's "Messiah".  Gold mine!  You couldn't fit a dime in there.  This says a lot for our rural postal guy, who - thank goD - decided not to retire quite yet.  He does not care if random objects find their way into our mailboxes: notes, empty egg boxes, full egg boxes, the occasional zip baggy of cookies (for him...)

Chickie left the building on Sunday.  Can I get a few hundred "Amens"?  Last seen riding shotgun in AnnMarie's van, he went off to join her band of wether miscreants.  He is now learning how to S.H.A.R.E.  Sage and the girls celebrated with a large pine branch all to themselves.  Just to let me know there were no hard feelings, Chickie managed to wreck the hay feeder (again) and harass Willo to the point that she got stuck in a piece of fencing which was then wedged in the barn.  She was very happy to see me.  Bon Voyage, Nut Job!

Water and ice do not mix.  Unless there is a large dollop of Jack in there, too.  Monday I awoke to ... rain.  And lots of it.  We managed to go from -12 Saturday morning, to 6 Sunday morning to 48 Monday morning.  We were back in the negative this morning.  I have eliminated the phrase "It can't be as bad as last year!" from my vocabulary.  It can be and WORSE.  My motto for 2014 is ... "whatever".

The Forester (Florence), seems to take umbrage with major holidays.  Her check engine light came on during a trip up to VT on Thanksgiving.  Her check engine light came on again on a trip up to VT on New Year's Day.  The next major holiday (and all minor ones, too - just to be safe), we are going nowhere.

Scrappy finally got his Christmas sweater.  Which he hates.  It's so, so, Christmas Story!  I did, however, force him to wear it to make me happy and for some photo ops.

And, yes, the living room floor is still
not done.  I've run out of tiles.  I'll finish it this
month.  Promise.

I gave him a rawhide strip to make up for it, but he just looked at me glumly, so I took it off.  He bounced with glee.  I am one of 'those' parents.  Speaking of...I am going to be a foster mother to a winsome lass of 9 years - Lucci (pronounced "Lucy").  Right after I decided that what we needed was a youngish, medium sized girl with playing power and a love of kitties, Lucci appeared needing a home.  Yes, she is not actually 'youngish' - although Scrappy is 14 going on 2 - and, yes, she is not medium sized, being a black Labrador Retriever.  But she loves kitties.  And people.  And dogs.  And apparently everything.  She joins us on Friday.


Michelle said...

Lucci sounds big enough to (begin to) fill a hole. Scrappy is an ingrate; his coat is what ALL the cool dogs would love to wear. Your mailman is a gem. You make me smile!

Carolyn said...

Rual mail carriers ROCK! Well, most of them at least. I often fear that our mailguy will be replaced one day with the crazy mailman from Chevy Chase's "Funny Farm". Can't wait for pictures of Lucci. You're such a long did it take her to look at you with those big brown eyes before you were hooked?

Sandy Livesay said...


Happy Birthday, glad to hear you have a darling postal delivery person. Ours is a mean old man, he growls when you even say hello to him.
The place is a little less hectic without Chickie. Congrats on the new dog, Lucci should be very thankful for her new home.

Susan said...

I wish I had been there to see Chickie's departure. I hope you cracked a bottle of something to celebrate.

Fiona said...

I adore how stoic he looks! Aren't dogs a true marvel, my little dog Skye [bless her] cut the big pad on her right front paw deeply chasing cows in winter, I made a leather bootie which was hilarious...she would not put any weight on the foot if I was looking but if she thought I couldn't see her she never minded the bootie at all!

Tyche's Minder said...

pickled okra? in your mailbox? I can only dream of such are one lucky birthday girl. :)

Unknown said...

Good for you fostering! Crazy weather, and happy birthday!!!!

Mama Pea said...

With a January 1st birthday you must make an announcement ahead of time each year so nearly everyone is aware of it! (I think there are simply some dates on which no birthings should be allowed.) So Lucci is only with you until she finds a forever home? Could this turn out to be with you?

In our county, mail carriers are required to bring the mail into the house if it cannot be fitted (smooshed) into the mailbox. (Which is really a nice service and we appreciate it.) But I do think our little mailman sometimes makes our mailbox look like the clown car in the circus where me keep pulling out letters after packages after magazines after junk mail after packages until I simply can't hold anymore!

Hope you had a nice birthday on the 1st, dear Sweezie!

Akannie said...

Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday, you New Years baby, you !!!!!!

I've thought of making a little sweater for Mz Molly Mayhem, the Jack Russell Terrorist, but I'm sure she'd chew my arm off before I could get it over her head. But she's always cold, that one, if she's not running 200 mph.

Our mail guy will pull up in the driveway, but refuses to exit the vehicle because I have dogs. So he sits there and lays on the horn until I come out. The only consolation is that sometimes he does it when I'm not home, and I'll bet he feels stupid then. lol

I pickle okra every year--I love it too!!

LindaCO said...

Ready an influx of good stuff.... now! It must have felt so good to dissect that full mailbox. Happy Birthday!!

Righteous dog sweater. Sal's not a clothing kind of dog either.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Susan from one Capricorn to another :) Sounds like you had the best mail day ever!

And congrats on the new addition to your furry family. Lucci sounds like a treasure :)