Monday, December 29, 2014

Ho, ho, heehaw.

Well, that was fast and furious.  Oddly enough, the build-up and follow-through were pretty busy, while the actual event (Christmas) was exceptionally quiet.  One thing I have realized with having five days off - when I retire, the dogs are going to need hobbies that don't involve second-to-second contact with me.

I have apparently caught the Mama Pea organizing bug, as I was a whirlwind of sorting, piling, cleaning and resorting, piling and more cleaning yesterday.  However, very UNLIKE her, I have little focus and can work furiously and diligently only for a half day before I am inexorably drawn to fifteen other things that really don't need doing.  This new year, I am fully embracing the weirdness of me and...whatever.

My youngest DS got this great shot of the granddogs on Christmas.  You will note the total focus - it is, after all, food.  Also notice the tiny bow on top of Pepper's noggin.  I tell you, you could graft a beaver on his head and he wouldn't care - as long as there was food involved.

"Princess" Pepper, Scrappy and Lovey
After vowing never to bake again (at least for a week), I baked a batch of GF, dairy-free gingerbread cookies to take to my neighbor's annual holiday party.  One of our mutual neighbors was bringing her daughter, who was allergic or hyper sensitive to everything.  Unfortunately, they did not come, so now I have enough GF/DF cookies to last the year.  Oh, darn....not.  They are pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Sunday, in my cleaning frenzy, I went to step down off my step stool and missed the last step.  This was no great travesty, as it wasn't far to the floor.  But I hit the floor hard enough to send a shock wave up my spine, into my jaw and it cracked an ancient filling.  A perfect end to an imperfect year.  I had been meaning to call to make an appointment with my old dentist - from about six years ago - so this morning I called, whined into the phone and they were very nice.  They would squeeze me in tomorrow afternoon.  She called back to say that someone had cancelled and I could come in even earlier.  Groovy!  Then she called again later this morning and informed me, in an incredibly icy tone, that they had discovered that I had sent a copy of my records to a new dentist back in 200-whatever, and it was their policy to never let me darken their doorstep again.  Wha?  Those are my words, but it is a very close translation to their policy.  Hoot!  I guess there is a dark side to a small, family practice.  A sort of, "Well, Missy, you've made your bed now go lie in it!"  So I am back to waiting for the entire dental staff of my present mega-practice to all come back from their two week vacation to squeeze me in in about a month - and try to jam a very expensive fix down my gullet, you should pardon the expression.  I loathe dentists.

Are you making your list of New Year's Resolutions?  I like to do it, if for nothing more than a mental exercise.  I am unlikely to develop many (if any) good habits, as the only habits I seem to glom onto are baaaad... :)


Kristina said...

I don't like dentists either. I hope you get your filling fixed. Glad you are okay though. I haven't made any resolutions, but I hope to lose more weight.

Mama Pea said...

I can't be-leeeeve the action of your former dentist's office! Do they NOT want business? Do they NOT want people to frequent their office and leave money upon departure? Good grief.

I chuckled, smiled and grinned through the rest of your post. That picture of your three hairy children is priceless. When you do graft a beaver onto Pepper's head, be sure to get a picture of that.

Carolyn said...

I've done the doctor / dentist switch before...and it's usually because the first one won't get me in for months. Like that isn't a legit reason to try someone else out? Buggers (not what I wanted to day, but I'll keep this post PG).

DFW said...

I have felt the need to de-clutter & organize, just haven't done anything about those urges. Sorry about the dentist banning you for life! They must have plenty of clients. that is the cutest picture of the pups.

Unknown said...

Hope you're ok besides the tooth? I'd shop around if I were you for a dentist, but that's me. I found an excellent, cheaper practice when I had a tooth break and they said maybe later. Sure, so I found someone else who got me in that night. I never went back to the other place :) The new practice has Sat. and a couple of evening hours for emergencies. Doggies are too cute! My 2 were like that!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

just go to one of those local walk in dentistry places. for a filling you don't need more than that.

Fiona said...

Hey you could graft a beaver to Ralph's head if there was food involved....I think its a guy thing. As to dentistry, I am always amazed at how it is not included considered health care like a GP. If you do have tooth pain try anything tasting strongly of clove. My ancient dentist from childhood who is long gone told that to my mother and it really works.

Sandy Livesay said...


If you're having any pain from this tooth and can't get to the dentist right away. Go to a health food store and pick up a bottle of essential Clove oil. Dab a q-tip or cotton ball with a little Clove oil and a little water then place it on the area in your mouth that hurts. It relieve the pain, dentists use clove oil in the old days. Some people use clove oil and olive oil. I prefer to use a little water when doing this process. You don't want to use the clove oil by itself because it can burn a bit. Check this website out:

You mentioned you've been in a cleaning frenzy like Mama Pea, I've been doing the same.

Christmas was a quiet for us, we all needed just some time to relax.

I love how your pups all sit at attention when you have food :-)
Beans (our dog) sat by our feet in the kitchen while we processed venison this evening. He'll be by our feet tomorrow when we finish processing the rest of the deer.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Well that's mighty rude of that dental office!!! So much for patient care....
That picture is priceless! Love the bow! :)
I concur, this year sucked. Big time. I for one will be happy to see the back of it.
Hope your tooth does not bother you at all!!!

Michelle said...

Broken fillings=big frowny face!

Tami said...

Geez..Add one more to the list of "People You Don't Want To Piss Off." I never heard of such a policy. I wonder if they tell you that upfront when you're getting your records?

I can FEEL the intensity!!! (It would be an internet sensation to see a beaver stuck on Princess's head)

small farm girl said...

Not very customer friendly are they? You would think with a family run business they would really work on that.

DDD said...

I am very grateful my primary doctor took me back after ~ three years. There is a tiny difference....I didnt sent a copy of my records to a new doc.
Hope you get new filling soon. missed the last step and you didn't break anything significant Is a good omen! But DO be careful!