Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ding! Ding!

After losing Saturday to a series of events that could have been unfortunate but weren't, fortunately, I was faced with one day in which to cram two days' worth of chores plus my 'zen' time.  (My fourth grade English teacher is spinning in her grave after that convoluted sentence!) Instead of my usual frenetic approach, I decided to use logic (sort of).  Four main "areas" of chores divided by four hours of work time = 1 hour in each area.  I brought out the timer.

That worked pretty well, although an hour seems to go more quickly that I was hoping.  Photos below - very last of the harvest (except for kale and chard) contains green and red tomatoes, a handful of purple beans, two puny cubes, and ripe and non-ripe tomatillos and PEARS.   Pot of beautiful green, yellow and purple tomatillos.  Scrappy doing what Scrappy does best these days.  Pepperoni exhausted from watching me work.  Lovey loves to "help" but any photo of her would be a blur!


Sandy Livesay said...


I love it when your helpers help :-).......mine loves going in the garden, then he would rather chase anything moving than to help mom.

You have a great looking harvest there. I see you're tomatillo harvest, do you have plans with your harvest?
I ask this because you always have delicious planned menus and meals.

Fiona said...

Yes, I was wondering what ou had planned for the tomatillos....isn't it grand when food is so beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

Must you tease us by hinting of events that took your Saturday and "could have been unfortunate but weren't" and then NOT telling us what happened? Don't you know inquiring minds want to know? (Also applies to this nosey-poke.) Love the pictures of your harvests and pups. I so agree with Sandy in that your menus and meals always sound so appetizing and exotic. Wanna know what I made for lunch? Peanut butter and jelly. Wanna know what I made for dinner? Grilled cheese. Aren't you glad you don't eat here regularly?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Your bounty looks wonderful!

Susan said...

Sandy, I basically chop them up and either can them or freeze them. I want to make a nice green sauce, but don't have the time. That's what winter is for, right?

Susan said...

Mama Pea - be careful of what you wish for....Saturday my sister and I spent most of the day in the ER with Mom. It turned out okay, thank goodness. I would take grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner!