Monday, October 3, 2016

The Zen of Socks

A sure sign of Autumn is when the knitting needles are in action once again.  I discovered - to my horror - that I only had three pair of wool socks!  Lucky for me (snort) I also discovered that I have an entire bin of sock yarn!  What a surprise!  Not.  Being my usual impatient self, I didn't bother to do a crash refresher course on knitting socks on two circular needles.  Oh, no.  I just pulled out those four tiny little filaments and charged ahead.  I truly do think that knitting socks is a form of Zen.  You just have to make it past the beginning - the unnatural posture your hands and fingers have to maintain in order to get those tiny little sticks all going in the same direction.  Bad words were spoken.   Often and loudly.
I am back into my comfortable routine of early morning knitting.  I am even doing some before-bedtime knitting, although it is most likely the time where stitches are dropped.  This makes for more bad words in the morning.  My crew is becoming used to the routine, bad words and all.

This is what happens when I put down
my knitting for a second.
I am guaranteed a lapful whenever I sit down.  And, if I put my knitting down for a nanosecond, Kramer moves in with lightning speed.  I have learned to knit over him and he doesn't seem to mind the occasional poke.  That is The Pepperoni snugged up next to me, under his blanket.
Slimbo feels the Zen...
Slimbo tries to horn in and, if he can't get the primo spot (smooshed next to me), he smooshes next to The Pepperoni, who carries on something awful - from under the blanket.  After a few minutes of this, everyone settles into the Zen.

Slimbo is IN the Zen.
The only added accoutrement to our Zen-ness in the mornings is the high level of dog farts.  I am almost used to The Pepperoni's green aura - he had bodacious farts for such a tiny guy.  However, everyone is getting accustomed to their new diet to various levels of smell-ociousness.  I was forced to turn the exhaust fan on last night and this morning so that I could concentrate on my knitting.  I sure hope their various systems settle down before I have to close up for winter - or it will be a particularly cold one, as I will be forced to keep a window open out of self-defense.


Mama Pea said...

What a lovely, cozy scene you did paint (bad words - softly uttered, I'm sure - and all) right up until the description of the emissions of your furry family. ;o] (They just don't hold back, do they.)

Love the sock yarn. I, too, grumble mightily over knitting with four needles, but haven't managed to teach myself (I don't know enough bad words) to knit them on round needles.

Janice Grinyer said...

I could see you sitting there, knitting, with a tiny little gas mask on... :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Holy moly, farting animals! What next?

Susan said...

I'm learning to do things despite being dog draped. They are my perpetually warm hot water bottles.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i sure wish i could knit socks! all i can knit are scarves! puppy farts? teddy never farted until the last 2 years and she sure is making up for it now. when she walks down the stairs in the morning, each stair causes a fart. i'm a little woozy by the time we hit the patio!

Fiona said...

You give me incentive to get out my needles.....but we still have yet to find the craft box. I know I wrote on it in felt pen but there is still one corner of the utility building with a pristine stack of boxes in it.
As to dog old dog Skye let one go on the couch one morning and actually looked at her own butt as if to say: "What on earth did you eat to smell that awful!"