Monday, April 24, 2017

I've been outside.

And the inside of my house shows it.

I am loving anything perennial right now.  My currant bushes are starting to leaf out.
Black and red currant bushes
Spring would be downright bleak without chives!
Oh, you beauties!

The horseradish is showing signs of life.
The strawberries are coming along, even though I tried to kill them by over-planting.
Hoping that the pine needle mulch
will help keep the weeds down.
The celebrated compost complex in all its glory - only need to set up the fronts so that I can add boards to keep it in place.
Look!  Rays of SUN!
I am making progress against the grass (I'm delusional, but what the heck) in my back flower bed.
I'm gaining on it!
Another raised bed was readied.
Cucumber bed and bags positioned
for squash planting

Garlic and shallots are popping up!

You may have to biggify in order
to see them.
It was so nice yesterday that I tempted fate (again) and put the geraniums out.  Then, of course, it went down to 35* this morning.  But - no frost!  If I have time tonight, I will put them in their pots and get out the 'covers', just in case.
Please excuse the mouldy siding -
it's on my list to be scrubbed this
After buying and planting Johnny Jump-ups / violas every year, they are finally seeding themselves.  I will dig these up and the few in the next bed and put them in a window box.  It makes my frugal little heart go pitty-pat.
My favorite spring flowers
It was my typical, busy weekend.  Saturday morning I raced up to the transfer station (having to bring my garbage every week until the bears settle down is a P.A.I.N.), then drove down to another town about 20 minutes south of me to have breakfast with my friend who raises the Randall cattle.  She had brought us 30# of bones!  Then I headed back home, after a quick stop to get chick feed, to let the dogs out.  Then -- are you sitting? -- I went for a pedicure!  Squee!  Pure, unadulterated luxury.  Of course, I ruined the paint job almost immediately but, still, I have blue toes!  I get happy every time I look at them.

Speaking of chicks, this breed of meat chicks is so quiet, compared to the Frankenchickens, that I find myself checking on them to make sure they are still alive.

This was taken when they arrived - all in good health and full voice.  Once they got settled it was Quietsville.  Of course, my sister stayed overnight on Saturday and, after I went on-and-on about how quiet they were, blah, blah, blah, there was an uprising in the middle of the night that woke us both up!  I bolted into the laundry room-cum-brooder condo and there was nothing going on.  Fine.  Make a liar out of me.

That was an extra special treat - having her stay over.  We were supposed to go to a concert, but we were having too much fun just yaking, so we stayed home.  The Pepperoni is in complete heaven when his Auntie Connie is visiting.  He gets to sleep in a people bed. 

While the interior of my house didn't get much attention (again) this weekend, I did manage to get three loads of laundry done and get a few windows washed.  Man, oh, man, dog-nose-slime is not easy to get off! 

It's supposed to be a mild week, with a couple of rainy days mixed in, so I hope to be able to do some stealth gardening in the early morning/early evening.  Got to keep chipping away at The List!


Sue said...

Yes-Chives! The truest sign of spring there is.
Enjoy those touches of green.
And your chicks are so peeping sweet!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

you are behind us. my rhubarb has to be cut and the horseradish is way up. my chives are blossoming. i'm hardening off all of my plants. why did i start 30 poblano seeds? i have like a billion plants!

Nancy In Boise said...

Lots of green!!!😀

DFW said...

If anyone deserves a pedicure, it's definitely you! Horseradish, hmmmm ... wonder if it will grow here in the hot sunny humid south? Everything else it looking great.

Rain said...

Hi Susan! :))

Firstly...we have doggy nose slime all over the back windows of the car lol...and I agree, NOT easy to get off...otherwise, I have the best excuse in the world NOT to clean windows...I'm renting's that for dang lazy? There's enough to do, if I see something really bad, I'll clean it but I'll wait for my own place to be so committed!

I'm glad you got out! Your garden looks great and I'm VERY impressed by the compost complex! And jealous...another thing that will wait until we buy! I don't want to leave the next tenants with my black gold. For now, we use the village composter and donate our scraps to them. Once a year on our "Earth Day" (usually in May) they give away compost, so it's not a bad deal!

The peepers are so cute, I played the video twice and our husky Charlie kept turning her head to listen! :)

I see you use tires for gardening, obviously the chives love it! I was thinking about using some, my mechanic (I love him), besides being a super trustful garage-man, offered me all the tires I could fit in my trunk. The idea of lugging them turned me off at the time though...maybe next year I'll try that out!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've loved johnny-jump-ups since I was a little girl. An old lady neighbour gave me a couple that she dug up from her flower bed just for me and they spread like wildfire in our little flower bed! We had johnny-jump-ups for years!

Mama Pea said...

Waaah! You are sooooo far ahead of us in the "warm weather" department. Did you see my snow this morning? Your place screams SPRING! and mine screams MUD PUDDLES SNOW SKIM ICE! Not fair. Grumpf.

Susan said...

This time of year, I put chives in everything! I'll have to say that these chicks are way too cute...

Susan said...

You are always ahead of us - why, you started all those poblano seeds so that I can drive down and take a few off your hands... :)

Susan said...

Doesn't it make you feel happy?

Susan said...

Why has it taken me so long to figure out I deserve pedicures??? You should try horseradish - it grows by itself, with little input from me. My favorite kind of plant.

Susan said...

Rain, I have found that tires are a) plentiful around here and b) retain heat, so seem to allow plants to thrive. They are pretty messy to handle, but you only have to do it once!

Susan said...

I just love them. I let them grow wherever they want, the little darlings.

Susan said...

Mama Pea, it is so NOT fair!

Theresa Y said...

How's the chicken feelin'?

Susan said...

Ah, she's not doing any better. I keep hoping she'll get over whatever it is she has, but so far, not good. She's one of my sister's chickens, so I am hesitant about pulling the plug.