Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There was rain, ice, sleet and snow. And Christmas.

This holiday was nothing, if not eventful on the weather front (pun intended).  Friday there was snow and wind.  Saturday there was rain, sleet, ice, wind.  Sunday there was ice and...nothing.  Monday there was a snow storm with gale force wind gusts.  Hoo-ee.
Saturday morning, early, Mr. Butters and I had a vet appointment in the city.  It was a long and dicey trip over the mountain and into the icy streets of the city.  In my underlying state of eternal optimism, I had envisioned salted streets and cleared sidewalks.  In reality, it was a skating rink because, apparently, the roads department figured no one had to drive anywhere on a Saturday before Christmas.  It was a real challenge, negotiating the sheet ice on the sidewalks, while hefting a tweenie weenie.  We inched our way to the vet's doorstep and arrived unscathed.  The vet techs have formed a Mr. Butters fan club - in spite of the carrying-on that erupts during each and every visit.  This was his final laser treatment and I hit them up for another nail trim - we need to do small bits at a time - which resulted in much screaming, yelping and general tumult that had the other patients and their people glancing nervously at each other.  So much drama.  We have moved from laser treatments which, although therapeutic, were not making much headway, to prednisone.  He has an appointment to be microchipped (that should be good for some high drama, as it will also involve nail trimming) at the end of January, and then we are on our own.

Mr. Butters has been enjoying more time out of the crate, as we try mightily to keep him from bouncing.

There is no bouncing while begging.
He got a lovely quilted jacket from his Auntie for Christmas - to get the right length, we have to adjust the belly strap (which still needs to be done - it's on The List).

OMG, my dirty dishwasher!  That has to be
moved to the top of The List
His quilted jacket came in very handy this morning, as the temp when I got up at 4A was a cheery -6*.   Two hours later, it had dropped to -9*.  Wrong direction!!!

We had a lovely and low-key Christmas - Auntie Baby was up from the City for Christmas Eve.  We had our standard lobster and champagne and a fire in the fireplace.  The dogs got their presents, Slimbo got his (which already needs triage) and we were yawning and in bed by 8:30!  Christmas morning dawned with almost 8" of snow, so I was very glad to have 4 wheel drive on the Hyundai.  I inched my way to the dairy farm and dropped off a warm mound of monkey bread - half of which disappeared in the 10 minutes I was there.  Auntie B shoveled while I slogged through the morning chores.  Everyone got Christmas treats, thanks to their Auntie Santa Jane!
The sheep and llamas got graham crackers, the pups got salmon treats, Slimbo got freeze-dried minnows (he may never be the same), hens and ducks got corn/herb/mealworm treats, and the parental unit got a....Leather(wo)man!  That has been on my wish list for YEARS, but I refused to spend the money.  I spent a good half hour pulling out and examining all of the 14 tools!  OMG.  I am so ready for anything...Zombies?  Bring them ON!

Here's what else I got -- are you ready?
My favorite kind of goat!  On a pillow!
Marianne saw this and figured it was the perfect goat for me - no feeding or clean-up required and no fences destroyed!  I LOVE it!  It was made by a local artist.  Did I mention that I love it?

Auntie B and I made our way - carefully - up to Vermont and had a lovely dinner.  The family unit was fully intact - something not achieved for ages.  I had an uneventful trip home and my personal family unit tucked in for a cosy night of ginger tea (me) and a DVD.  It was my kind of holiday.


Ed said...

We got all our bad weather done on Friday and then sent it east for the holidays. I apologize!

Theresa said...

Such a handsome little sausage! So glad with all the weather everyone managed holiday travel with no mishaps!

Rain said...

Hi Susan! :)) Sounds like a great Christmas despite the skating rink to drive on, slide on that is! I'm grateful I didn't have to take the car out at all. It's all snowed in under a few feet of snow lol...we have to face that sooner or later! You had lobster and champagne???OMG I am JEALOUS!!! PB looks great in his coat :) Your description of his nail drama reminds me of Charlie. I have to just put on the choke collar with her leash, tie her up and dominate her in order to get her nails done. Sometimes she gives up knowing I'll win in the end, sometimes she fights with all of her husky might, but I still win in the end lol...

You think your dishwashwer is should see my lower walls...with the cats scenting them and rubbing on them, the dogs brushing up on them, you'd think it was a deliberate paint pattern lol!

I'm glad you had a nice holiday! :)

Susan said...

Freeze dried minnows!! Such decadence.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

so glad to hear you had a great xmas! i wish i could get good lobster here. i think shipping them and changing tanks stresses them and they never taste good when i buy them inland. we had a white xmas too. and now it is freezing cold. and i have the flu! bah humbug!

Goatldi said...

Mr. PB looks fantastic! Congrats on successfully navigating the world of ice. Do love the pillow gee if I had seen that 32 years I may have sheep instead,oh wait did have sheep and goats . Maybe if I could get milk from the pillow ? Sounds like the perfect Christmas!

Kristina said...

I just love that pillow. Your weather sounds about like ours as far as cold goes. My Hubby carries a tool like that, I just carry a knife. Speaking of knife, Hubby has a new one on his wish list now. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful too.

Michelle said...

So glad you made all your trips SAFELY, and had a good celebration with family. My family is still here so quiet time (and rest) is limited, but since time with them is even MORE limited I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment. Sorry to hear the laser treatment didn't bring the hoped improvement....

Theresa Y said...

Sounds awesome and well deserved!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Great treats and photos I'm glad he's making progress with the vet

Sandy Livesay said...

I watched the weather channel OMG.....too much rain, snow, and ice for you up there! Glad to hear your drive to the Vet., was uneventful. Love Mr Butter's jacket! Is the prednisone making a difference?

Sending hugs and love your way.