Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I should be strimming my little heart out.

 If I am going to make any inroads into the jungle that is my yard, I have to spend some serious time with my heavy-duty weed strimmer.  Ha.  Because, in order to strim, the jungle needs to be dry(ish).  And when it is dry enough, there should be no other pressing events that need my attention.  So far?  You guessed it!

The first day when there was no rain forecast, I had to be in Vermont in the morning, but figured it would be nice and dry when I got home.  I got in the house, changed clothes and happened to look out the front window.  There was a small herd of beef cattle in my front yard, making a beeline towards the garden.  I'm sure they thought it was a fine place for a rampage.  Peanut caught sight of them at the same time and went ballistic.  Bless his tiny, ferocious self, it was enough to give the cattle pause.  A couple was trying to herd them up the road in their four-wheeler and asked me if I knew who owned them.  After they moved on, I was outside with a shovel, clearing the yard.  By then, all thoughts of strimming had vanished, replaced by thoughts of adult beverages.

The second non-rain day started full of hope, sunbeams and good intentions.  Then there was a hawk attack, followed by a visit from the Corgi-sized raccoon.  Once again - poof!  Strimming evaporated into the horizon.  I contemplated adult beverages for breakfast.

The last day of semi-dryness found me having mis-penned an appointment with a friend, so off I went with a wistful gaze over my shoulder at the strimmer standing like a little soldier by the back door.  I got home in time to get SOME strimming done, but....  monstrous thunderstorm.

I'm starting to suspect a conspiracy.

The thunderstorm was a doozy - high winds ushered it in (many trees down and other random damage), then there was torrential rain, then the power went out.  Perfect.

The wind blew the hops trellis to a 
precarious angle.

Luckily, only one tree fell on
the fence line.  The biggest one.

The snoopervisors are hard at work.

I had to prop up my pepper plant.
It was tossed wiggledy-piggledy.

Some brighter news - my collards
are regrowing!

Purple bean vine was pulled
off the support.  Aren't the flowers

My one and only zuke so far and 
what-ho the blueberries!  I beat the

Next year's nasturtium seeds 
are forming.  This poor, battered basket
was blown off its hook.

I'm thinking of trying a bit of strimming this afternoon but, frankly, I'm a little afraid to chance it.  Plague of locusts next?


jaz@octoberfarm said...

you live an exciting life! it's so hot and humid here that we hardly go outside except to water.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Wow crazy events! Where she has a little bit of rain this morning which was so nice and some serious rain forecast for this weekend since we only got a little sprinkle. Smoke is clearing at least a little bit. It's always tough when you have when damaged! And at least your doggies you were on patrol good for them!

Michelle said...

Would you quit hogging all the rain, woman?!?

Joanne Noragon said...

Not to mention strimming, that's a lot of cleanup!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

It's always something. That might be a Rosanna Rosannadanna quote, or I might have botched it somehow. My whipper snipper is in the shop at the moment. Things are growing. Hope you catch a break soon! -Jenn

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is Nature out to get you? I advise going straight to the adult beverages.

Goatldi said...

We must be twins separated at birth. Your life rolls out somewhat like mine does. The good intentions always end up leading to the road to hell well maybe not always but often and get miss placed for a day or two or three. I’m with you girl I understand. Nice pictures by the way .
Did the cattle ever find their home?

Vera said...

You made me smile. Thank you for that! Vx

Marcia LaRue said...

I have never heard the term "strimming" for whacking down weeds using a weed whacker!!
Your day-to-day life seems to be packed with unexpected activities!! I daresay ... not all of it proves to be fun times!
When all else fails ... definitely go to the adult beverages!!!

Steve Reed said...

It's interesting that you use the word "strimming" -- I always thought that was a British word. I'd never heard it until I moved to the UK! I admire your determination even if circumstances keep thwarting you. :)

And you've given me a great idea. I love collard greens but we don't often see them here. (At least not in the supermarket.) I should try growing some! Why didn't I think of that before?!

ellen abbott said...

my yard desperately needs to be trimmed. and I'm the one who wields that particular device. we had near constant rain for about 6 weeks (I could be exaggerating but I don't think so) and now that it's dry it's just too damn hot to be out there, not to mention mosquitoes. said...

I bought a heavy duty trimmer/weed whacker and I used it once only to discover I am getting too old for this stuff so there it sits in my garage and I hired a lawn guy. It was very hard for this independent woman to admit that things are getting tough. Hell, it's a major job just to clean the tub! But I have decided that after working hard all my life that I am now going in the opposite direction and going to make my life as easy as possible and by George....I'm enjoying it!'
So sorry about the storm damage but your flowers and vegetables look wonderful! I did do container gardening and the tomatoes and peppers are doing really well. I got 1 eggplant so far. If I move up North I will definitely do raised bed gardening but here it is really a struggle even in containers....critters everywhere!
I hope to be more regular visiting now that compnay has gone home.

Rosalea said...

We have had so much rain this summer that a neighbour had to use a 'strimmer' to find her tomato patch!! We got the rain but thankfully not the wind. Hope you were able to make use of the shoveled yard clearings, after the cattle went through! Sure hope the locusts don't materialize!