Sunday, November 21, 2010

A great start to my day.

What's left.  It's not nearly enough.

Not only is the sun shining, but I am now the most popular girl at the barn!  And I owe it all to....Mama Pea!  After rising at my usual 4:30, I decided to tackle her Apple Squares.  And, yes, the dough is tricky.  But it is SO worth the effort.  I am also happy to report that my last stash of Marianne's apples are faring well in my high-tech root cellar.  A plastic crate covered with a thick towel and topped with a plastic garbage bag.  This was the first time in years of Sunday baking to the barn that they didn't modestly wait until I had left to dig in.  The farmer grabbed the fork and said that he wasn't risking there being anything left after he did the milking.  It got moans and raves.  I said I owed it all to my baking muse, Mama Pea.  He said he could kiss her.  I said that Papa Pea might take umbrage to that.  Instead, he sends his high regards.  I have hidden the remainder in the cooled oven - but I can still hear its siren song....

The colors are even better  in person - so gorgeous!

And another Mama Pea surprise - my nice postman left a package on Miguel's front seat with yesterday's mail (only discovered this morning).  There is a baby in New York that is going to be wrapped in the most beautiful quilt!  I almost wished I had a baby myself.  Then I remembered my two kittens and felt that was quite enough youth in my life.  Thank you and a warm hug to my friend in Minnesota!


Erin said...

The quilt is beautiful! I do love looking at her stuff and can't wait until she gets posting again on her quilt blog...hear that, Mama Pea?! I too am getting ready to make one of her recipes for Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house, I may make two so we have one at our house when we return LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Gosh, I think YOU'RE the one who should have gotten the kiss for going to the time and trouble to make the pan of Apple Slices for the guys! But please tell the farmer I appreciate his high praise. Y'all are just too durn kind!

I'm so, so happy that you're pleased with the quilt. (I could make quilts for the kitties to snuggle in. Just sayin'. ;o])

Erin, go pester my daughter, the Webmaster, about my quilting blog. I need some changes made before I start blogging over there again. I'm just waiting for her to have the time to do them.

Susan said...

Well, the farmer and I are not THAT kind of friend, LOL. He supplies me with milk and a place to keep my cow. And she'll supply me with milk once she freshens in Feb/Mar. I can just imagine the kitties in a quilt. Can we say "tatters"?

Yes, Erin, you are right - this much talent needs the right spotlight! Let's both pester CM!