Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings.

I recently had a reminder of how much music influenced my life - and how I remembered high (and low) points by certain songs. 

For instance, I left the U.S. to live in the Netherlands right at the peak of popularity for Achy Breaky Heart (1992).  Some would say I left to get as far away from that song as possible.  They may be right, as none of the other reasons panned out.  I lived in the southern part of the country, which was more rural and few people in my neighborhood spoke English, let alone played "Achy Breaky Heart" ad nauseum.  That was 20 years ago!  Holey Cow!  Aside:  Isn't it interesting that, in almost any country in the world, there is a North/South, or East/West and each disparages the other for one reason or another.  In the northern province (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), they looked down on the southerners as rubes.  In the south (Eindhoven, Nuenen), they viewed the northerners as devious and untrustworthy.  This is a broad generalization, of course, much like here.  And that was 20-freakin-years ago.  But there was definitely a distinction.

Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" transports me to the Badlands of South Dakota, the summer of 1969.  Oh, the angst of those teenage years!

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were the heated heart of my misspent youth.  Or maybe that was Jimi Hendrix?  There was a LOT of music in the heated heart of my misspent youth.  I was winding down to a kinder and gentler point with Simon and Garfunkel.  Art Garfunkel's album, Garfunkel, is just dreamy.  It makes me want to slow dance for a week.

Now, I listen to the Wailin Jennys and all kinds of bits and pieces of past and present and new music.  My favorite cleaning music?  Well, it's broken into two categories:  vacuuming (Aretha Franklin) and dusting (Johnny Mathis).  And you should hear me belt out the chorus to Beethoven's 9th Symphony!!  Maybe you shouldn't.  At least the dogs don't howl.

Speaking of cleaning, I am now in full Anti-Mouse Mode.  The little buggers are chewing away in the crawl space and I have declared war.  I spent the weekend pulling out everything from the lower cupboards and scouring them.  Then I assessed all spots where the nasty vermin could come in.  Hundreds.  Then I stuffed steel wool in the larger holes and put cotton balls saturated with peppermint essential oil in strategic places along the back wall.  I then took the opportunity to get rid of half of the junk that was in the cupboards that I didn't need, didn't use, or didn't remember what it was for. 

They've closed both the NYC and our upstate office in advance of Sandy - I'm holding onto the thought that they are erring on the side of caution in our case and NOT that they know something I don't.  I am very grateful that I can ride out whatever comes our way at home.  There is nothing worse, for me, to be sitting in my office, staring in the direction of home, wondering if everyone is safe.  The wind has just picked up a bit and the dogs are restless.  The whole weekend has had the feeling of waiting.  I hope that everyone in the storm's path comes through safe and sound.  I'll see you on the flip side of Sandy.


small farm girl said...

I hope you are not affected by Sandy. (wishful thinking.) Be safe.

Sue said...

I hope you and the critters remain safe and snug.

And I listen to Andrea Bocelli full blast whenever I make lasagna. Dear hubby HIDES in the workshop. He's a dear not to complain. I sing along. Need I say more.

Carolyn said...

Stay safe! Hope all the Frankenstorm stuff is just hype.

gld said...

I hope the storm isn't as bad as they make it sound!

Wish I could share a few of our 15 cats; mice haven't been much of an issue lately. I also keep out DeCon pellets here and there.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

You are right about the north/ south things. Where my Husband grew up it was the people at the bottom of the hill and the people at the top of the hill were always at odds. In my neighborhood it is old families verse new families. My family has been in this area for 3 generations, yet my family is still a 'new' family. We people are very strange.

Mama Pea said...

So, so glad to hear you are home with all of your critters! Call me crazy, but I know that (not only you but) all the animals will feel so much better while riding out whatever Sandy brings to your neck of the woods. Batten down your hatches. Here's hoping all your mousey population is swept away on the wind and rain!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I have also noticed the north/south thing in several of the countries I have visited - Italy and Germany in my case. It isn't so surprising and yet I was surprised anyway :)

Good luck with the storm and I too am glad that you are at home and not at work!

Candy C. said...

I'm glad you get to ride out the storm at home where you can keep tabs on all your critters! That would drive me crazy to have to leave them.
Whenever I hear "Knock Three Times" by Tony Orlando and Dawn, I remember the roller skating rink when I was in Junior High! :)

LindaCO said...

Thinking of you and everyone out that way during this awful time.