Thursday, January 31, 2013

Re-purposing is a Farm-ily Affair.

(Pardon the 'redecorating' - Blogger seems to have a mind of its own lately.  Blue does seem appropriate for February, though.)

Behold the Christmas tree!  Sheep and goats love pine.  They love to nibble the needles.  They love to chew the bark.  I give them a regular helping of tree trimmings, but this year each group got its own tree!  This is what is left of the sheep's tree.  Once they've finished with it, it goes into the wooded part of the lot as small animal habitat.  Yes, I am a chipmunk enabler. 

Chipmunk, shipmunk.  Let's talk about my cool camouflage!
Finishing off a few branches.
 The goats don't seem to mind the snow, but hate rain.  They take rain very personally.  They also don't get much exercise in the winter, as all they want to do is eat.  Sound familiar?  I do try to run around and get them going every once in a while.  Mostly, I am afraid that I will fall and lie there on my back in the snow like a turtle, clad in sixteen layers, zipped into a one piece Carhart insulated jumpsuit - undiscovered until spring.


SweetLand Farm said...

blue works!
our sheep ate some of our Christmas tree, but not like your goats did! i'd gladly give them ours to chew on too!!
glad to see you have pictures back.

Kristina said...

Our goats love evergreen branches to munch on. They won't come out of the barn in the rain here either. In fact, our buck hates the rain, he runs for cover as soon as it sprinkles.

Susan said...

SLF - I am so glad to have pictures, too. It makes for less writing! ;)

Kristina - Chickie (my wether) will last longer in the rain than Sage, but only if there is something good to eat outside.

Mama Pea said...

I can so relate to your description of yourself clad in so many layers that you nearly lose the use of your arms and legs. I had to go to town today (6 above with a wind) and told Papa Pea I felt like a stuffed sausage trying to get in and out of my little Toyota at all my stops.

Love the pictures of your very photogenic goaties. I don't think there's any hope that the tree in the first picture will survive . . .

Candy C. said...

That IS some cool camouflage on that goatie! :)
My goats HATE rain but they aren't very fond of the snow either, probably because they only see it a couple of times a year and it's usually a heavy, wet snow.

Erin said...

I love it when people use up those Christmas trees! Here we use them to shore up and create sand dunes to protect the beaches from Hurricanes, or Fish and Game puts sinks them into the bay to create habitat.