Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musings.

I am so glad that I have practical skills.  I have a heck of a time in winter with my hands, so I go through any number of combinations:  thermal gloves; silk glove liners with thermal gloves; mittens; thermal mittens - you name it, I've tried it.  The best combination seems to be silk glove liners (heavy version) with wool mittens.  So, I just whipped me up some nice, toasty wool mittens!  It also helps, of course, to have an embarrassingly large stash of yarn.

This is my 10th headband/ear warmer.  I'm addicted to cables thanks to Melanie.
It's actually a leaf green and the mittens are bittersweet-ish.  Go figure.
 While I was at it, I also whipped up a nifty little woolen sock for my iPhone.  With an equally nifty little front pocket for its new friend, Bluey.

Bluey is now safe from the Catz.
Wet wool always invokes my childhood in Ohio, right near the southern shore of Lake Erie.  We sure got winters!  We would be swaddled, bundled, wrapped, zipped and buckled into an array of woolen garments (yes, I was a child in the Stone Age before fleece...), then we would catapult out the door and play until we were blue-lipped, our mittens sodden, covering wet, wrinkled fingers - and we would still drag our feet toward home - after the appointed mother on our street gave the "Lunch!" call.  This was usually Mrs. S, as she had a voice that could reach Canada.  I swear we could have stayed out for days in the snow.

As I was schlepping through the slush and muck of our early January thaw yesterday (48 degrees!) trying to find patches of snow in order to pull my hay sled, I was thinking of creating the "Homesteader's Alphabet".  I was actually trying desperately to ignore the incessant clanging of the Guineas...  Here it is:

A is for Animal Husbandry - which you better learn fast
B is for Billy Goats - of which I am glad I ain't got any
C is for Carpentry - a skill which you will develop for better or for worse
D is for Dragging - your sled or your sorry butt out of bed
E is for Energy - you'll need A LOT
F is for Fun - harder to come by than you'd think
G is for Goats - small milking animals that unlatch any gate known to man/woman
H is for Horses - which I wish I had
I is for Ignorant - you may start out that way, but you'll learn fast...
J is for Joy - if this lifestyle doesn't bring it, it's not for you
K is for Kevetching - we don't blame you if you do
L is for Love - I love this lifestyle, no matter what and you better, too!
M is for Manure - learn to love it - you'll be dealing with it 24/7
N is for Numb - as are my fingers as I do chores in winter
O is for Optimism - a necessity in homesteading
P is for Perseverance - you'll need this in a truckload (see O)
Q is for Quiet - Those precious moments when the Guineas are mute
R is for Resilience - Another necessary ingredient (see O and P)
S is for Sleep - which you'll fondly remember
T is for Tired - your normal state of being
U is for Unglamorous - that would be your wardrobe
V is for Vivacity - you may have had it in high school, but 7 years of homesteading will take care of that
W is for Work - 'nuff said
X is for eXcellent food - okay, it's a stretch, but there's nothing like that which you raise yourself
Y is for Yodeling - just checking to see if you made it this far
Z is for Zen - mostly, my life is just that - a rythmn and connection that you can't find in most places.  My little piece of Heaven.  My Little Lucky Farm.


Mama Pea said...

Great post, Little Lucky Lady on Little Lucky Farm! Hope you have a good week comin' up.

(You're now in the January thaw which just left us. One degree above zero this morning. Kinda crisp out there.)

Carolyn said...

Love the Homesteaders Alphabet!
How about Y is for "Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment"?

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Ha, well as someone not to far from your old home and in the same weather pattern, let me just say that I found a dandelion in full bloom yesterday in the yard. It was 68 freaking January!! The days of long cold winters are over in the north. This isnt right!

Love the woolen wear. Are those the mittens you make with the fleece inside? Your so talented. I am sure your Iphone is very grateful for the muffler :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the alphabet!

Susan said...

Mama Pea - It was wild this morning - 48 degrees and rain! Looks like the temps are going north, though. I am not ready for mud season!

Susan said...

Carolyn - I love it! And we are, aren't we?

Susan said...

Jane - A DANDELION?? We haven't had that much of a thaw, although the snow was almost entirely gone by this morning. It isn't right. We need the cold to limit the burgeoning rodent population! These are just plain wool mittens. My friend, Melanie makes those mittens with the fleece inside. They are so amazing! Yes, Phoney is very grateful and doesn't ring much...

Susan said...

TCSL - Thanks, S! I bet we could all come up with one hilarious alphabet.

Michelle said...

Great use of chore time, my friend :-)

Sandy Livesay said...


Hey there talented lady, I love your ear protector, mittens and your IPhone muffler, hehehehe......

I love your alphabet on Homesteading, my favorite "O" :-)

Enjoy the farm!
Your Friend,

SweetLand Farm said...

I love the abc's!!! manure! love! unglamorous clothes!! haha great idea!

Candy C. said...

Beautiful job on the headband, mittens, and iPhone case! Cables can be very addictive!
When are you going to show us your embroidered Homesteader's Alphabet sampler?!? ;)

Erin said...

Love the alphabet, and I love cabling too!

Unknown said...

OMG, that was FUNNY!!!

LindaCO said...

Well done and well done! Phones deserve handknits I'm from OH too! Not sure if this has come up before. I grew up on the east side of Cleveland. Small world.