Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings.

While most of my days are angst-filled, I have noticed that I am having significant periods of non-angst-ness.  Of course, this could be due to a lot of different reasons - my brain has flat-lined due to continual winter; I have discovered lactium; I am beginning to open up to the possibility of letting the Universe take over.  I am going with the latter.   

Knowing full well that A would be arriving after 1P (there are no exact times for anything around here) to pick up the goaties for their vacation, I made a list of things to pack in their overnight bags.  And then did nothing about it until just before she arrived.  Granted, it wasn't a lot to pack - two bales of hay, a bag of their feed, their vitamins and minerals, their feed dishes.  And I didn't panic.  It was a different story, however, when it came time to load the two miscreants into A's van.  I felt like a bad parent.  All of her goats are sweet-tempered, friendly, obliging.  Mine were all:  GET AWAY FROM ME!!  RUN!!!  OMG, WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!  We finally got them loaded and I followed her to the farm, where we got them tucked into their new/temporary digs.  While I was there, I got to see what was in store for me (and Sage, of course):

Girl (left) and boy (right)

Close up of girl

Chickie and Sage checking out their guest room.
Just as I got home and started getting ready to clean the house for my sister's arrival, I got an email from Marianne - our chicks that were due sometime this week, were in!  Apparently, the post office is always open!  She had to drive an hour or more to get them and, luckily for me, Melanie offered to drive mine down on her trip to the knitting group.  I ran around and got their brooder set up and then my sister arrived - an hour early.  Needless to say, not much got cleaned.   Angst?  Not at all.  I was all "I am the rock in the stream - letting it flow around me".   This had NOTHING to do with the fact that she and I shared a bottle of champagne (our tradition) shortly after her arrival.  Nothing whatsoever.

Slept like a rock, too.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Now while we may be looking at those little bundles and saying "Ohhh how tiny", I bet Sage is looking at them saying "Now I am going to push TWO of those out of where!!!"

The Maine Gray Zone said...

What's lactium?

Susan said...

Jane - I don't even want to think about it! I kept saying, "she's so SMALL!" and A keeps saying, "she' plenty big enough." I am holding onto that thought.

Susan said...

Sylvie, it's a natural stress remedy. And it works!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

You're version of your goats is FUNNY! I need to adopt that as my new mantra. "I am the rock in the stream letting it flow around me." I am so high-strung though, it would last all of 30 seconds.

Mama Pea said...

OMG, that little girl goat is sooooo darling! Put her in a padded 9 x 12" envelope and send her to me!

Sweezie, your way of writing is exceptional. You do have a way with words. (And a very active, fertile mind to boot!) Keep it up.

Susan said...

TWH - But think how blissful those 30 seconds would be! :)

Susan said...

Mama Pea - You give me such a boost! Thank you. I tell you, those Nigerian Dwarf kids are so dang cute, it's all I can do not to pocket one.

LindaCO said...

Wow, those babies are adorable!! Glad to hear you've let some things flow around you. I've thought recently (have not been able to surrender - yet?) about the idea of "trusting the process", in a big picture kind of way, and what exactly that means. Yea Spring!