Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm gaining on it!

I managed to get all my beets canned.  And all my applesauce canned.  And it only took me a month.  For some reason, I was not all fired-up as I usually am.  I allowed the beets and apples to reside in my fridge (taking up any available space left by the behemoth cabbages - which are still there...) while I blithely ignored them.  It was ridiculous.

So I pulled up my BGPs and got at it on Saturday.  I canned regular diced beets, then whipped up some spiced pickled beets.  Then, since I was on a roll, I pulled out the apples and peeled and pared my little heart out.  The sheep and llama were thrilled with the peels and cores.  I tell you, the way to a llama's heart is paved with apple peels.

You'd think, with all the whinging and whining and carrying-on, that there would be acres of counter top covered with canned goods.  This was it:

All my beets were Chiogga
or Golden.
I will have to say, in my own defense, that I had to deal with (and am still dealing with) an unexpected fridge full of chard.  (BTW, the score is Me: 4  Voles: 0 - if you don't count the bushel of beets and rows of chard they demolished.)  But, still.  I mean, really.

For the record, I will now be making applesauce in full hazmat.  While stirring away, a molten blob of applesauce erupted out of the pot and hit me square in the eye!  Thank goodness it landed in the space right above the tear duct and not IN my eye.  Geez.  I had to very gingerly apply my handy-dandy aloe plant juice.  It's getting so that I'm not safe in or out of the house!

Pic from halloween


jaz@octoberfarm said... are lucky! apple sauce does have the tendency to do that.

Michelle said...

I was SO tempted by some giant heads of cabbage in the fresh market last week; gave me the urge to make sauerkraut again. Alas, it wasn't inexpensive. You have gold (or at least copper) in your fridge!

Acorn to Oak said...

Yum! And, congrats on the getting them done! Ouch...that molten apple must have hurt...and been scary! Glad it landed where it did and not more in your eye!

Deb said...

Ha! I laughed here. Apparently most accidents happen right at home so I guess wearing that outfit makes sense. :)) You should feel proud of yourself for making beautiful preserves. Deb

LindaCO said...

Who'd have thought you'd need such protection? It looks like a good day's work though.

small farm girl said...

You got lucky!!! I can just hear the story you would tell the doctor. LOL!!!

Mama Pea said...

Geesh, being a homemaker is a dangerous job! (I'm serious. Glad you weren't seriously injured by that applesauce.) Just yesterday I was trying to fish an empty jar (prior to filling it) out of the boiling water in the canner, and managed to dip the tips of three fingers in the water. Luckily, the cold water faucet was only about three feet away (I only had to turn to reach it) so I was able to escape a burn. Then there was the time I slipped on some dirty clothes I had sorted on the floor and hit my neck on a chair. Why that one didn't done do me in I don't know. You just can't be too careful!

Carolyn said...

Nothing like getting a molton hot blob of fruit in yer eye. Hope all is well.

Kristina said...

Yes, that stuff can bubble up and get pretty hot. Glad your eye is okay. Good job on all the canning too.

Fiona said...

We could be related...same thing happened o me with the cushaw pie filling.....and today while crafting a twig vase I glued a stick to my finger!