Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh, yum.

Excuse the pan - it's my most useful size
and I won't get rid of it.
Sometimes, being gluten free is not onerous.  Such as when I discovered these Blueberry Millet Muffins.  I used the last of the 2013 blueberries, the last two of my own eggs, my own raw milk yogurt and my new favorite grain: millet.  Or birdseed, as my neighbor pointed out.

These were the leftover batter muffins - it made about a dozen and a half, but these are large - and a chance to use an impulse purchase (fancy paper muffin cups).  For the rest, I used my can't-live-without silicone muffin cups.  I love them - easy to use, easy to clean, nothing heads to the landfill.

You can find the recipe here.   I used frozen blueberries, so my muffins have a lovely, sort of indigo undertone.  And indigo is my favorite color - next to any shade of green.  At first I thought having the raw millet interspersed in the muffin would be ... odd.  But I found that they lend a nice, satisfying, toothsome crunch.  (I love that word - toothsome - something that Pepper can only dream about.  I would think that "gumsome" would be more appropriate in his case.)


Yesterday I spent driving my parents around.  My mother had her eye treatment for macular degeneration in the city, so we have a tradition (my family is BIG on traditions) of going to eat at their favorite Chinese restaurant, ordering the same thing for lunch each time, then off to the medical center we go.  Unfortunately, we are always WAY early.  This means the wait is longer than the usual long wait.  There is nothing that tries the patience (of me) more than to sit for over an hour with two people who look at their watches and comment about the wait every five seconds.  I brought knitting to create some Zen vibes for me.  Speaking of which, I have now completed all of the small-fry knitting with the exception of some embroidery work on the bonnet.  I will take a pic of what I have not already mailed.  And I am hoping that the recipients will turn a kind eye on the imperfections (....Wes....xoxo).


I also squeezed in a much-needed haircut before picking up my parents.  And listened to the horrific account of her battle with a psycho husband over custody of their sons.  Good, goD.  The man is pure evil.  It made me appreciate even more, coming home to my dogs and cats.  At least there is no evil involved there, just the occasional cause-me-to-lose-my-mind thing.  Which, lately, has Pepper's little paw mark on it.

A few minutes after I got home (dark at 5:15), I got a call about joining friends at a book signing/reading in a nearby town.  Had I not been gone all day, I would have considered it, but I will not leave the dogs alone that long.  Plus, it was not an author who would make me consider an exception, as I find him to be one of those whiny types.  I almost reconsidered when I learned that he was bringing his dog, however.  You can see where my priorities lie.


The weekend holds a crummy weather forecast, lots of outside chores (funny how the two seem to always go together...), dinner with my parents at their favorite restaurant, a long over-due Girls' Night get together (I'm bringing Pink Lemonade Vodka Jello Shots - I'm bad...), a hay delivery (hallelujah - let's hope it happens), and I finally tackle the beets.  Speaking of which - do any of you have suggestions on how to tackle a vole problem?  I have tried a few things, to no avail.  I am considering poisoning the buggers, but am leery about poison in the garden, even though it will be used sparingly and in tunnels, and a full six months before planting season.  I figure there is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there....


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your muffins look delicious with the "birdseed" I know it would be good for you:)
It is nice to spend time with parents looking at their watches I truly miss those days:) Hug.
Have a great girls night you deserve it you work too hard:) Hug B

Mama Pea said...

Okay, now I have to go back to bed for a quick nap. You exhaust me, girl, with all of your non-stop activities!

Never thought putting millet uncooked in a recipe would work. Now I have to try that. Hubby and I both do love it cooked in many different ways.

I did notice on the weather map that you look to be in for some nasty weather in the next few days. Stay warm and safe, please. Our forecast is for a 70% chance of snow today, but sunny tomorrow. 'Tis that time of year when you never know what to expect!

Laurie said...

Your muffins look delish! And I know those sorts of days...... Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Since I don't have the gluten-free flour blend, can I use the same amount of whole wheat pastry flour? I have millet and frozen blueberries, so would love to try these tonight (Friday night is frozen fruit salad and muffins night).

Fiona said...

Voles? Let me think..Dachshunds are burrowing badger dogs, would your Short legged, Lion hearted pooch dig them?

Sandy Livesay said...


Yummy muffins!!!

How about a cat for your vole problem? Or mouse traps?

Ellen in Oregon said...

The muffins look better than toothsome. I have a sheet pan that is almost as well used as your. Even though I have 2 brand new ones sitting in my pantry unused for 5 years. I guess I just choose to call that baked on mess my pan's "patina". Sounds so much more respectable. Isn't is weird how we buy new replacements for our favorite kitchen pans, but we don't want to get the new one dirty, so we never give up the one we needed to replace. I am beginning to believe that we develop relationships with the kitchen tools we use everyday & can't bare to throw them out.
Your hair stylists horror story made me have a flashback to one day my Mom & I overheard a similar tale in a restaurant one day. Mom leaned over the table & whispered "The only thing worse than being miserable is being miserable with someone else". I took that advise to heart and being single by choice, every time I hear someone another story of a relationship gone sour, I am glad I never felt I needed a man to make me feel complete. Beauty shops are always so filled with drama.
Apparently only a "professional" can obtain vole poison. If you want to use a lethal trap (what would you do with them using a live trap?) you have to locate one of their tunnels that is being used and position the trap so they will actually trip it. If they are eating eating your plants, spraying the leaves with pepper sauce is supposed to repell them. Htowever they also like to eat root systems. You may have to place metal rings below the ground to try & protect any plants they are bothering. Cutting down any weeds or overgrowth can make your property less desirable to voles. So, bottom line, aside from having a good hunting cat stationed at the tunnel opening, is you can call a pest service for poisoning (the most effective method), get some lethal traps and position them in the tunnel or get a cat. My Dad used to have fun throwing smoke bombs down the tunnels. The gophers didn't care, but who knows, a smaller rodent like a vole might decide to move away if you did that often enough. He also experimented with putting the hose down the tunnels and Flooding with nothing to show but a high water bill. Good luck, I think you'll need it.

Unknown said...

Years and years ago I made millet casseroles. Cooked millet, stir in chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, green bell pepper. Mix well put in a loaf pan and bake about 1 hour. Delish!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I vote for more jello shots and nicer weather! The muffins sound delightful and really, anything with blueberries is perfect me thinks!

Kristina said...

Your blueberry millet muffins look better than mine. I may have to try that recipe too.