Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ear warmer, anyone?

Besides the Baby Blanket From He(double hockey sticks), I always have a project or five on the knitting needles.  I can cover short waits, long waits, my ridiculously short lunch half-hour.  This often leaves me with a veritable pile of ear warmers.  That got me to thinking - perfect fodder for a giveaway! 

This particular ear warmer is knitted up in a nice medium blue wool (Wool Ease) and is from my favorite pattern from my favorite pattern-maker-upper, Melanie.  It should fit a medium to large-ish head.  Mine is rather large-ish, although I am sure it is not packed with brain cells.  Air?  Marshmallow?

If you would like to be in the running for this ear warmer, leave me a comment below about your favorite winter-time memory (recent or not).  I will announce the winner on Monday, November 23.  Cut off date/time for comments is Sunday, November 22 at midnight.

Good luck!!

Completely unrelated aside - is it just me, or is the entire world beginning all sentences with the word, "So"?  If "so", why?  It's driving me crazy!


Mama Pea said...

So, here's my winter-time memory. (Guilty! I readily admit it. I use "so" to begin a sentence, especially when writing [why?], all. the. time. Now that I know it's driving you crazy, I'll have to continue doing it. HAHAHAHA!)

There was a really nice golf course in the city park in the town in which I grew up. On that golf course was a BIG hill that was the designated winter sledding hill and during the snow season on weekends, it was always super-crowded . . . parents with little kids, teenagers and whole families. These days the sledding probably wouldn't be allowed because of the "danger" of sleds and toboggans careening down the hill at breakneck speeds. I can well remember being taken there with my brother and cousins when I was very small and then being dropped off there with a group of friends from junior high on through high school. Lots of good memories!

DFW said...

It snowed here once, but .... it was over the Christmas Holiday ... and it was mostly ice but it was white! What a treat for us in the deep south. Everything closed for 2 days until the temps went right back up to the 70s ... ugg ... that's living in the deep south. I don't really need the ear warmer but it sure is a pretty pattern. Just thought I would share a winter memory. We have so few here.

Unknown said...

my favorite winter memories are being an adult and getting snow days off of work because the schools are closed. I loved going outside and doing lots of fun stuff in the snow!!!

Susan said...

I'm not sure if I'm in on this being from Canada-but you can have a winter story anyway.
In Alberta it can easily get to -30C. On one of those days, far from home, with a child in tow, the heater in the car packed up. Child was given scraper and scraped a off the continually forming ice on the inside of the windscreen. I was moaning slightly from the pain of my hands on the steering wheel. Child began to look anxious. Many years later child recalls me saying brightly, "You know, not every little boy is lucky enough to have a car that freezes on the inside". By the way I have a wide head-bumps on either side-wish I knew what they were there for then I might use them.

Catina said...

my favorite winter memory is from when I was young. We had a large pond behind our house surrounded by woods. We ( my 4 siblings and I ) would shovel off the pond so we could ice skate. We would skate for HOURS and my mom would have hot chocolate cooking for us when we came in. Now, you have to picture my mom's kitchen, as my parents home dates back to the late 1700's and the fire place is walk in brick hearth with 2 dutch ovens on the sides. It had a cooking arm hanging over the fire pit area so you could hang a cast iron pot. It would be this pot in which she'd make the hot coco for us. It was always such a treat.

Sandy Livesay said...


So, I deliberately started my sentence with the word, "SO"......just because, LOL!!!!
I remember as a kid fishing with my Grandma (on my Mom's side of the family) many of times. One time, I remember just throwing my line out into the lake and I heard Grandma say under her breath......everyone leave everything where it is and get into the car. Don't ask questions, just get into the car. We all walked over to the car as fast as we could and locked the doors. Come to find out there was a bear standing behind the bushes waiting patiently for our fish. He walked over to our cooler, helped himself, and then went on down the lake. I remember this because he was so nonchalant about the entire thing,as if he's done this before.

Michelle said...

Not a winter memory ('cause I have a small head), but comments on other memories, which I enjoyed reading immensely. Sandy's memory is similar to my best friend's. They were living in Hawaii and playing in the ocean when her mother gave a similar order to get out of the water. She had seen a shark fin. My son, at least at this obstreperous age, would be bear bait or shark supper. :-/

Also, Catina's childhood home sounds right out of a pioneer museum; would love to have seen it!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I'm my gosh! Enter me for sure. I was looking up patterns to make my own. I could have used one today while working outdoors. My favorite winter time event? Hm. I'd have to say when Hubby surprised me with a limo and a bed and breakfast for our anniversary (back when I was a city gal).

CountryCityCindy said...

Love the colors of the ear warmer and I need this in Michigan! We got our first snow today (so far, just one inch, but several more inches are coming today).
My favorite winter memories are cross country skiing with my sister, mom and dad. We'd pack up the skis and head out to a local park. My sister and I would cross country ski down the hills (but then she fell and broke her thumb).
Cross country skiing is great exercise and I haven't done it in many years. I still do own skis so I need to get out. Love walking instead. story here -->
Good luck everyone!

Simply Quaint said...

Oh what a fun favorite memory is being a child and getting a snow day and getting to spend the day playing in just don't go that anymore,......


Catina said...

You would have loved it. They sold the land and house about 10 years ago. The people that bought it totally renovated it . They turn a centuries old Victorian home into a new looking better homes and gardens show house. too bad they weren't aware of the history of the place ( part of the under ground rail road, complete with trap doors and hidden nooks) They tore it all out sad to say. Oh well....they bought it , it is theirs to do as they see fit.

Leigh said...

An ear warmer sounds fantastic! And I got here just in time. :) I think my favorite winter memory is going to cut down our Christmas tree when I was a kid. It wasn't fun at the time 'cuz my toes felt like they were frozen, but it's those family traditions that mean a lot to look back on. I wanted to do the same with my kids, but now they want to make DIY Christmas tree cutting an "event" and charge a premium price for it.