Friday, July 8, 2016

"8 Days a Week..."

La, la, la, hum, hum.  "OH, 8 days a week is not enough to get things done!"  These are the things I sing to myself in the mornings.  The poultry and waterfowl seem to approve of my singing voice.  I did a quick pictorial update on those beings that consume 80% of my waking hours, when not at the office. 

Anconas at 3 mos.
I really, really like the Anconas.  And they were not planned!  They are fairly quiet (except *cough* for the one Melanie hatched for me...I may call her ARiA, after Air Raid Alarm) and go hither and yon in a compact formation.  I can get them herded into their Duck Hut without much trouble.
Little heap o' Kentucky ducks!
These little dumplings are still being toted from house to pen, twice a day.  I am hoping that the Anconas, who show a very strong maternal urge when it comes to the babes*, will take them under their collective wings this weekend and I can finally clean out the back room.  Lawsymercy.

First day out for the Cayugas!
The "middles" are out for the first time on their own.  Within the safe confines of their side of Duck Village.  I waited until today, since I know it will take me an hour to get them back inside tonight.

A blurry shot of Duck Village
I will try to take better pics of Duck Village this weekend.  You will notice that the chickens have invaded the left side as soon as my back is turned.  As you face the huts, the entire right side is hinged and opens up, is propped with a sturdy pole and the interiors can be raked out.  Cool beans!

I went to (lightly - still no rain) water my parsley pot last night and saw this beauty!  Whoa, Nelly!  Being limited to a Google search on my phone, I believe it to be a Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar.  If someone knows differently - speak up!  I am sacrificing my older parsley plant to this green beastie, but would prefer it not eat my this year's plants.

*On Monday, as I was frantically trying to clean my house and get food ready for the family BBQ, I heard mad peeping outside.  I ran out and found that the Anconas had unzipped the doors on both sides of the baby pen.  UNZIPPED them!  I grabbed the butterfly net and scooped up the babes and then wired the zippers together.  Unreal.

And a final thought, as we go into the weekend....why do they call it canning when it's actually jarring?


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i sure hope none of those creatures show up here. i am not a fan of creepy things. the ducks sure are cute though! maybe canning came first? i've always wondered the same thing.

Michelle said...

Let me know when you find out the answer to that last question – I've had it, too!

Mama Pea said...

I can totally believe your ducks know how to work zippers! Our geese have destroyed more than a few bungies. A night or so ago when Papa Pea was putting the 16 assorted Muscovy ducklings away for the night, one came running with a black cord trailing out of it's bill. At first he thought the duckling had tried to swallow it and was in trouble, but, no, he was just carrying it around with him. (There are black cord ties at the ends of our net fencing and the ducklings are constantly pulling at the ties trying to undo them. Geesh.) Love you Duck Village!

farm buddy said...

I believe that is an Eastern Swallowtail butterfly caterpillar. I found three on my dill plants. Beautiful!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Do you get lots of eggs from your ducks and chickens?

Fiona said...

jarring comment:}

Ducks nibble...zips have things you can 'nibble'. Niblet our oldest duckling got his name from nibbling anything he came across before he moved to the real world.

Sandy Livesay said...


~HA~ Escapee ducks!!!! They are smart little things, you can train them to do just about anything....seriously!!!

Swallowtail butterfly right!
Sending hugs and love to you.