Friday, August 12, 2016

Drip. Drip. Drip.

That would be every ounce of fluid in my body rising to the surface of my skin and dripping down my face, neck, arms.  Lovely image, no?  I was out at 5:30 this morning, trying to beat the heat.  Forget about beating the humidity - it's like breathing through a damp cloth out there.  As I slogged around, filling endless water containers (why DUCKS, for Nat's sake???), dodging mud holes (see previous question) and filling feeding dishes, I kept up a mantra - August, then SEPTEMBER.  August, then SEPTEMBER.  That did make me feel slightly better, but not a whit cooler.  I am going to drag out the second kiddie pool and see if I can't make a nice, cool foot bath for my poor, hot llama.

Even Lovey, our girl from the Deep South, only travels at a canter, instead of a gallop.  Forget Scrappy (who - thanks for asking - is doing much better now that he's almost fully back on his raw diet!) and The Pepperoni looks miserable.  He stands outside and stares dolefully at me.  He's a hot mess.  I tried giving him a squirt with the hose, but all I received as thanks was a lot of drama.  I've got an appointment with the groomer next weekend - he may get a buzz cut.  That, I am sure, will bring on a freak snow storm.

I have, ahead of me, corn relish to can.  I can hardly wait, given the weekend forecast matches exactly the daily forecast of Panama.  Joy.  I have a stack of things to do, tropical heat or not, so I will just have to pull up my BGPs (even the thought of that gives me a rash) and try to get everything done.  Maybe, if I start a o'dark thirty, I may have a chance to get halfway through my list.


Sandy Livesay said...


I feel for you girl with that heat. It's just now starting to become cloudy, humidity levels are changing, and were getting a breeze. It's been miserable before this change. Your LLama will love you for filling up the 2nd kiddie pool. A buzz cut sounds pretty good for Pepperoni while these temperatures are high.

Give your pups a scratch behind the ears.
Hugs to you,

Mama Pea said...

Dare I mention our temps have dropped a bit? (Now it's just hot rather than miserable.) But, yet, the humidity hangs on. I waited until almost 2 p.m. today for the beans to dry enough for me to pick them. Finally said to heck with it and picked them still moisture-laden or not. It's so damp you wanna put a long sleeved shirt or even sweatshirt on but when you do that you immediately overheat and feel worse than ever. (How much more can I complain?)

I vote for the buzz cut for Pepperoni. If nothing else, you'll feel much cooler looking at him that way.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

believe me, it's not any better at 3:00 am. we live in the NORTH for christ's sake!!!! it's been in the 90's since spring!

Sue said...

We had to help neighbors MOVE today in this humidity. Let's just say tempers were a might bit "touchy".
September. Yes. That sounds wonderful!
Perhaps a 3am wake-up? It is indeed cool then. I know. That's when I bake bread now. Sigh.

Fiona said...

We started at 4:45 this am and it was still not early enough.....I don't think it cooled off at all last night. Our mistake was we wen to the local library....imagine the Librarian was wearing a beautiful Icelandic SWEATER! Thats how cold they have the AC.
I am canning corn this weekend as well. I have to admit they say ladies sweat! They have never worked outside in 95 degree heat with 80% humidity!
Hang in there!

kymber said...

oh Susan - we had 3 days a few weeks ago where it was in the mid 20's (celsius) with a tiny smidge of humidity...we are not used to humidity here. so we lay naked on the floor and cried for 3 days like babies. we always can count on the cooling ocean breeze but every summer for 3 days we near wilt like little flowers. i know - we have it hard!

i don't know how you or anyone who lives with high heat and humidity make it through a day. get an extra pool for the llama and for pepperoni...but for the love of all that is holy - get a kiddie pool for you, too. and go flop in it in between chores.

thank you for the lovely comments you have left on my last few posts. i really wish we could meet all of our blog friends...have them all over, give them some tea...and dump them in the freezing cold atlantic ocean - bahhahahahah!

sending you so much love! your friend,

Nancy In Boise said...

That's one thing I appreciate about the heat in the high desert, it's dry! I don't think I could live in that kind of humidity, hang in there, it's almost Oct.!

Florida Farm Girl said...

I feel for you, dear girl. I grew up with that mess in north Florida. These days, I can't do it and admire those of you who keep slogging away. Hope you get a cool off soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We were about at 90% humidity yesterday. The sweat bees are terrible too. It has been raining, but you can hardly breathe outside. I am like you, starting at the early hours and trying to get through the list. Oye, the list...