Saturday, August 6, 2016

What doesn't belong in this picture?

Well, it certainly isn't the rain!  Hooray!  Notice anything "dead" center?  There is a long-dead Birch that was supposed to be cut down in the spring, but a house wren moved into the bird-house gourd that I forgot was there.  

I am happy with the colors of the chairs and tables.  The lovage, cukes, parsley, and lemongrass (which needs a larger pot!) are doing well, while the rosemary and chervil are so-so.

Today is supposed to be blueberry picking day, so I hope the weather clears up.  If not, at least I won't have to wash them!


Fiona said...

Are you going to make your blueberry sauerkraut again?
We just got brave and tasted my very first ever fermented dill pickles.
I love your colors!

Sue said...

You're a sweetie-leaving that birch for the wren. Beautiful SITTING area.......Do you?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The house wren and her babies thank you, I'm sure! Looks like a very comfy deck.

Mama Pea said...

Love your chairs . . . have always wanted Adirondack chairs. Wonder if I could still get up out of them? Hooray for your rain. Got any left over? Send it westward, please.

We took our second harvest of blueberries this morn. Just under 5 pounds today compared to the 8+ pounds our first picking. Still lots left to ripen.

Gail said...

Just a bright and cheery place to rest and visit with a friend.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

rain!!! i sure could use some of that stuff!

Nancy In Boise said...

What a great view and we need some rain!

Elizabeth P said...

Birds love using dead trees! Especially when a house is included :)
We could sure use some of that wet stuff here... I love the color of your Adirondack chairs!

Sandy Livesay said...


Now that's what I call an inviting porch, we all will be right over :-)