Monday, June 5, 2017

Moving On

We are creaking along the fragile path of recovery here at the LLF.  It's fraught, but we are nothing if not resilient.  I managed to get some more things checked off The List - nothing large, but the little things count, too.  Our weather has been entirely un-Spring-like.  Mornings have been in the upper 30s, with days filled with clouds, drizzle and downright downpours.  During the month of May we had 17 days of rain.  17.  That is more than half of the month!  I wouldn't even mind that much rain, if it were at least seasonably warm.  I envision my bean seeds huddling together for warmth, while trying to keep their feet dry.  Pfft.

Some satisfying points on the weekend were:

Now that I've discovered pedicures,
there is no holding me back.

The finishing touches - weaving in
the ends on my Caron Cake shawl.
I will have pics of the garden soon - if it every stops raining/drizzling so that I can safely get my camera outside.  So far, most of the squash seeds have popped up - but not all.  Some of the beans have pushed through, but not all.  None of my sweet peas have arrived, as well as my beets and chard.  Slugs - who, I am sure, are reveling all night in this weather - have taken down one basil seedling and three kale seedlings.  I have given all my seedlings little moats of crushed egg shells, along with a sprinkling of Sluggo.  Yesterday I planted the last of the flower seeds - nasturtiums, zinnia, calendula, and cosmos.  I also planted two pots of dahlias - I am always lured in by the beautiful pictures and completely forget that I have to dig them out in the fall.  I potted up a jalapeno for my sister and weeded the front flower bed.  My peonies have budded and I am hoping to grace the dining room table with a vase of my favorite flowers by this weekend. 

Last night I had my friend, Cynthia, over for dinner.  She will be taking Lovey in.  I ended up making meatloaf (in June!!), mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  A perfect fall dinner.  Cynthia has an older female dog and we are waiting until she is over the bridge before transitioning Lovey. 

I want to thank you all, with all my heart, for your support and loving comments.  Every one of your comments has helped ease the pain I feel by making me feel less lonely and very loved.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i've been thinking about you a lot. it's awful. if that had been two people, someone would be going to jail! have you figured out why it happened? i hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Oh Susan, you are VERY loved, even by those of us not yet blessed with "facetime." Sounds like you got a LOT done (as usual). And that pedicure? Girl, your feet are too pretty for a farmhand!

Ed said...

It's been dry here so if you get tired of it, feel free to send some of the rain back towards the midwest.

farm buddy said...

Resilience is a definitely a great trait to have, especially on a farm. I hope things get a little easier every day. Here in Chenango County, we had even MORE rain than that! We broke the record for May with 24 days of rain!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Yes much loved. HUGS B

kymber said...

ok - first on to the serious stuff. there is no way that that pic is of your feet with the fancy pedicure! i don't buy it for a second. i would never in a million years show a pic of my feet on our blog - dirt and crap and stuff and dirt all over my feet and in my toenails - i have to scrub my feet every day with a brillo! so stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes using a pic you got off of pinterest!

but if that really is your feet - nice job girl!

as for love - you have a lot of followers and commenters who truly appreciate all that you do! and care about you. and know the pain you are feeling. we are 2 of them. and we have kept you in our prayers. i hope you saw my previous comment. i left you a link to a story that my Uncle Gerald wrote and i have shared that post with many people...and many people have appreciated that story.

anyway...i want a pic of your feet AFTER you've been out cleaning the barn - bahahahahah!

sending much love Susan...much love. your friends,
kymber and jambaloney

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you're keeping busy, that's good for healing.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Great toenails! I have to admit, at my advancing years (shhhh 60) I have never had a professional pedi. Looks cute :) Glad Lovey found good home! Hang in there...

Rain said...

Hi Susan :) It's very nice to read your blog post. Your pedicure is lovely :)...Meatloaf and potatoes sounds like awesome comfort food to me. :) I'm sending more love and hugs. Please take care. xxx

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I chuckled at your meat loaf dinner comment. It was so cool and miserable today, I came home and made chili! Not a typical June meal! I hope you are managing all right after your tragedy. Your peonies will treat you to beautiful blooms soon. -Jenn

Sandy Livesay said...


Pedicures are a luxury I refuse to give up. I can do my own pedicure but it doesn't feel the same as when someone else does it. When I would come home from a pedicure (my treat for the month), I feel amazing and hubby would see how I was feeling. So one day, I brought him along. He had his feet done (he used to say, no one will be touching my feet). Now I can't keep him away from having pedicures!
Having your feet done is a great start to relaxing, and healing. Love the color you chose :-)

Meatloaf and potatoes, yum.....comfort food :-) Every guest loves meatloaf....including those who steal your food. Scratching head here trying to figure out how I can sneak into your kitchen and steal your meatloaf.

Slugs are such a pain in the butt when it comes to veggies in the garden. Egg shells should make a difference in getting rid of them.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, enjoy!!!
Sending hugs and love your way.

Yarrow said...

I'm so sorry to read your previous post. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. My thoughts are with

Susan said...

You are being very brave and making good decisions. You haven't mentioned Bertie, is he O.K.?

Jenn said...

Pedicures are an excellent was to relax, everyone needs pedis in their life! I always read your blog but don't always comment. I'm sending happy thoughts your way.